Sunday, 31 October 2010

Something new on facebook and i like it!!

Ok, have you guys notice the new thing in facebook? I'm not sure myself if this is a new feature or I'm the late noticer. Orait, let see what it's about.

see the 'see friendship' link?
Instead of 'see wall to wall', you'll have 'see the friendship'! Click 'see friendship', and you'll see how awesome it is! I mean, you can read all the wall posts between you two, the photos, the comments and things both of you like! While browsing the photos, I realized how much I miss all those moments. 

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  • wah..tak perasan. kena tengok ni! =D

  • memang best gak. tapi cam biasa aa, mesti ada orang tak suka. hahaha

  • biasa la tu.. nk expect seme org suka, payah la mcm tu.. yg penting kite suka.. hahaaa

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