Friday, 8 October 2010

Food review 1 : kecewa

I've always thought that writing (or typing) could lead to peaceful and calm mind. Even it is just a simple one, or the topic wasn't really about the current emotion. And for some people, eating is capable of doing the same thing and even more! Those people who choose shopping over eating as a treatment for the emotion issue, I have no comment about it. Well, you've got money~~

Few days ago, I went to a Malaysian restaurant at Wesftield shopping centre, London (Jom Makan). It was my second time there actually. I barely remember what I had when I was there last year. This time, I had teh tarik, potato karipap and satay. 

The teh tarik was marvelous. Not so sweet and even milky and creamy. I'd like to give 4/5 for the karipap. Nicely done, but could have been nicer if they put chicken or beef in it. The satay? Ouh, my. It tasted just like usual non special fried chicken! I was so disappointed with the satay. I couldn't taste any spices in it. Even thought that I could have done better. For kuah kacang, it was also just another ordinary kuah kacang. Nothing special. They charged about £7.00 for those satay. Quite expensive I say. If they've nasi himpit come together with the satay, then it might not sound expensive (plus you've been full and won't complain more :P)

notakaki: menu bukak puasa hari ni.. tomyam, ayam goreng rempah and yorkshire pudding.. heeee.. x sabar

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