Wednesday, 19 March 2008

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Thursday, 13 March 2008



Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Dah 2 ari, asek hujan jek~ Aisey,, bile nye nk menikmati spring yg cantek? This week gonna be the last week before Easter break. Feeling excited waiting for the holiday? Ooo..yeah! As expected, the excited-ness akn dimusnahkn oleh coursework yg dah mule bersusun. Actually, 4 coursework in 4 weeks, won't be very hard. Plus, xde class kan. But, but.. pre-married course, assignment for annual dinner, trip to Belgium-Holland.. those things will make it hard. Lotta things to do in not-so-many time. Conclusion; back to time managements. Kalo dah kate cuti, taw2 jek laa,, tdo lambat, bgn pon lmbt. In 2 days time, ade 1 lg test.. Numerical and Computational Method. Gurrr,, perut dah bunyik guys. Till then, later~~

Sunday, 9 March 2008


List out the top 5 presents you wish for;
- doa from my mom
- the 'present'
- md-6 speaker
- HP iPAQ 210
- flight ticket to Malaysia

List out the reasons for the choices;
- mak doa tiap hari,, taw2, tp rase mcm nak mak doa lg
- u dun hv any idea how much the 'present' cooling me
- although i already hv the md-4, i still want the md-6.. after all, the md-6 is the one all i really want (not enough budget,, sbb tu beli md-4)
- ari tu, tgh duk survey some stufx, tibe2 rase cam nk ade mende ni.. :P
- rase cam nk balik la plak

The person who tagged you is : Aishah Roslan

5 impressions of him/her ;
- cool
- helping
- serious in times
- muke tampal dari mak dia --> u gotta agree this buddy!
- olwez made me jeles with her jalan2 things.. *haisss*

Most memorable thing he/she has done for you:
- Erm,, wut should I say esoh? I really couldn't recall one.

Most loved invention (doesn't need to be technologically advanced):
- same goes to esoh,, it's always internet

What do you despise the most :
- gedix-ing thingy

6 people you wanna tags:
- lobos
- sara
- kak my
- raf
- ba'ang
- laina

Friday, 7 March 2008

Freaky Friday

X taw la ape yg x kne ngan aku ari ni. Klas x p. Bgn tdo pkol 1.30pm. Otak kacau btol. Mood merangkak abes. Down~! Nak study lg aa.. malas smpi petala ke-8. Dah bgn, mandi, makan.. ape yg ade dlm otak aku.. one and the only; smbg tdo. Bkn x puas tdo. Ye lah, lepas solat subuh td, smbg tdo smpi pkol 1.30pm. Pastu nk smbg lg. Bkn x puas tdo,, cume mungkin aku x nk sedar utk realiti. Ms tdo td, mcm2 aku mimpi. Mimpi bkn2. Mmg org ckp mimpi mainan tdo. Ngeri mcm mane pon mimpi yg aku alami, aku lebih rela berada dlm 'state' tu drpd wake up and facing the fact of reality. Rapuh sgt ke aku ni? Suddenly I miss my mom so much..

Thursday, 6 March 2008


Saya minat kat awk.. Dah lame dah.. Tp, sy x pernah ckp pon kat awk. Yelah kan, kalo sy ckp skalipon, awk bukannye paham. Bukannye awk ambek peduli. Saya enjoy sgt bile dgn awk. Bile ade ape2 probs, kalo awk ade mase tu, seme probs tu hilang melayang. X lah lame, tp at least, awk bantu saya lupakn sekejap probs tu. Saya mintak maaf sgt2 kat awk, sbb dah lame saya lupekan awk. Saya mintak maaf ye. Saya sibuk sket. Bkn xde mase lgsg utk awk. Ada, ada. Erm, saya ni, byk bg alasan ke? Ok2, lepas ni, saya akan cuba luangkn lebih byk mase dgn awk. Ok? Smile~~

p/s: Aku taw, sepatah haram pon 'awk' tu x paham.. sbb awk = bace novel... Chill you day guys~!

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

'new' with me

Nokia 3510 Express Music

'White' Skechers

MD-4 Speaker

Haha,, Nk ckp recently beli, xde la seme baru. Ade yg dah sebulan lebey (hp). Dah xde entry sgt dah. Nk 'report' psl gi jalan2 ari tu, x abes2 lg duk typenye. Utk elakkan 'kesepian' kat blog ni, letak jek la ape yg ade. v{~_^}