Sunday, 21 February 2010

Body Shop Madness

Oke, pertama sekali: aku taw aku ni tenggelam timbul dalam dunia blogging. Kejap ada update, kejap xde. Lame menyepi, kejap menjelma. Nak buat mcm mane, aku dgn blog, kadar merajinan tu x linear. Lebih kepada nonlinear saddle-node bifurcation. Ade ms stable, ade ms unstable. Pekehei plak tibe2 masuk topic nonlinear pattern ni? 

Td, bila aku masuk shower n susun toileteries aku, aku perasan tentang sumthing. Shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, facial wash, seme brand same; Body Shop. Haha. Then, da siap mandi, aku tgk sekitar sinki aku dalam bilik, n collect all the Body Shop stuffs around the basin. Guess what I've got?


Hahaha.. aku gelak je la sorg2. Then, aku check brg2 yg lain, tp x snap gmbr la. *tepuk dahi* Aku ni, gile Body Shop ke ape? Tp, kalo bleh afford, x salah kan? Kalo ade org cop aku high maintenance pon, aku xde la gune duit org tu nk beli seme ni. Selagi mampu, gune. Kalo da x mampu, tgk la plak product ape yg bgs n seswai. Iklan : Body Shop bagus, ok! :P

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Birthday Bash - 23rd??

I've been thinking of changing my blog template (again). But, haven't got enough time to do so (and again!). Let's just ignore the changing-blog-template topic, and moving on to more exciting topic; my birthday bash! Hee.. as for this year, I had 2 birthday celebrations. Jangan jeles ek :P 

The very first one was from Kak Nurul. I didn't expect anything from her, other than spending some quality time together for movie that night - 12th February 2010. After the movie, we headed back to my room for the little yet meaningful celebration. I've got a very very cute birthday cake! And sweet birthday gift too!

Thanks to Kak Nurul and Wani.. Even it were just three of us, it still meant a lot to me :)

Ok.. the second bash was a surprise party from my fellow friends. I believed the mastermind behind the scene was Mr.Am. Honestly, I kinda could smell the party from Wani's fishy act. Haha.. She's totally didn't have the talent to tipu sunat. I was feeling soo uneasy at that night - on the 13th, a day after my birthday, as I wasn't well. There were lots of people attending the party and I'm touched seeing all of them being there, and singing the birthday song for me. Can't say much other than thank you. It was 9.00 pm (if I'm not mistaken), so I invited everyone to grab the meal - they're hungry enough waiting for me for nearly 2 hours, so why I have to make them wait longer?

Thanks everyone. Thanks. It's great :)

Sunday, 14 February 2010


Macam angin..
Dapar dirasai kehadirannya..
Tapi tak dapat digapai, dipegang..
Tak dapat ditangkap..
Hanya bertiup bila dirasakan perlu..

Friday, 5 February 2010

Fragrance tips by BodyShop

Hye everyone! I have something to share with you guys; happen to read this while browsing over BodyShop perfume range. (I'm a BodyShop lover v(",) )

Perfume smells different on different people. So when you find one you really like you must sample it on your skin. Try up to 3 fragrances at one time - no more or you will stop smelling. Apply fragrance to the pulse points. Do not rub the wrist together as this crushes the smell. Then, wait a few moment for the fragrance to to develop and mix with your unique skin chemistry. Fragrance is complex and will develop a few hours, if you can it is best to wait to discover how the fragrance changes over time. If you love fragrance straight away, it is probably just right. 

So, I guess most of us doing mistake by rubbing our wrist together while applying the perfume, right? May this help. 

sources : BodyShop