Tuesday, 19 October 2010

My Raya Moments

I know. I know. I've wrote about raya before. But this one, just a simple entry for my participation in a contest. :P You guys can read about it further here and maybe you want to join the contest too. Good luck!

Out of all family photos from my raya collection, I like this one the best! 
everyone looks happy and not stiff 

My sister tried to do something funny but i wasn't ready for it.
So she just snapped the photo and laughed at me (after looking at this picture) and told me,
"along buruk!" haha

I love this moment. It was a day before raya, where all the family
members were busy doing the preparations.

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  • Eyriqazz says:

    thanks join contest..dah uploadkan di FB..jika ada kelapangan jangan lupa vote 4 me for MYSelangorstory contest : http://www.eyriqazz.com/2010/10/vote-eyriqazz-for-myselangorstory-entry.html

  • same2.. will spend some time for that later :)

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