Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Oh, god! Thanks for these~ This everything.. The strength, the patience, the health, the will..
I finally have the best mood (I guess), to update some stuffs here. Well, it's better for me to start with what I'm currently doing. Errmm,, typing cud be the right answer.StickingOutTongue Finally got the chance to watch 'Twilight'. I'd never expect it turned to be the way it was. I mean, I didn't expect the movie turned out to be like that! I mean, it was a story about vampires, and how cud it possibly be so sweet??? I bet, I can't be boring even I watched it hundreds of time. I've googled about the sequels, the writter, and the books off course. Haven't been this excitedGrin in my life about buying English Literature books. I'll definitely buy the sequel books after I read the first chapter of 'New Moon' at Stephenie Meyer website.
I've thought about changing my blog template (again, but this time back to xml code), but haven't find the right theme that suit me or this blog yet.Undecided If I cud design the template by myself, it won't take me this long to choose the best one. Or I've been so choosy?
Look at below pic.. I somehow, personally think that blue suit me.. Hehe.. I know, everything here doesn't seems to be connected to each other. I apologize, and I dun really care. It's just I feel better when I can write (or type) sumthing here.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Tahun baru hijrah

Salam to ev'one. Dun feel like writing all stuffs up. Wish you guys, a great new year. Salam Tahun Baru Hijrah.

Thursday, 25 December 2008

Merry Christmas

Hohoho.. Merry Christmas to all Christian followers..

The boring world

My lappy got into trouble since last week. So boring having a life without it. And right now, having a chance to use Kak Ina's laptop, I thought it would be nice if I put something on this blog. I've been thinking of updating about my trip to Barcelona. There again, nothing much I could do with the lappy condition. Gosh, I hate this situation. Miss u my lappy.. and miss YOU much and much more my mister.. :(

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Tag from khairi

Which college do you attend?

|University of Surrey, UK|

What year are you in?


Are you an undergraduate or a graduate student?


Did you begin college immediately after high school or did you take a little while off?

|Immediately after matriculation|

What's your major?


What's your minor?

|I think, it’s Physics|

How many hours are you taking this semester?

|0 hours.. haha.. 30 credit hours|

Favorite class/subject?


Least favorite class/subject?

|Real Analysis Sick

Favorite professor?

|Dr. Derks|

Least favorite professor?

|no specific one|

Do you prefer lecture or lab?

|my own lab, bleh? Grin

Do you prefer Mathematics or English?


History or Science?


Psychology or Sociology?


Spanish or French?


Do you live on campus?


What is/was the name of your dorm?

|There’s no dormitory systems here, yet I live at Hamilton Place|

Which floor do/did you live on?


Do/did you have a roommate?

|I do|

Do/did you get along well with your roommate?


What is/was your roommate's most annoying habit?

|Not really annoying but she’s kinda makes me ‘geram’Crying
whenever she started to explain every single things about Harry Potter while I’m concentrating watching the films. But in a way, I like it.. haha|

Is/was this your first time living away from home?

|Dun really know how to answer this, but it’s been my 9th year living away from my family|

Do/did you go out and socialize or stay in your dorm room?

|I can’t stand staying in my room more than 2 days|

Are you in a fraternity/sorority?


Are you in any clubs?

|I think so|

Do you eat in the cafeteria, food court, dorm room, or other?

|Most of the time, we prefer to cook. Sometimes? Rushes, Starbuck, Lloyds Bar, Season, … etc|

Which restaurants are in your school's food court?

|Rushes, Season, Chancellor’s Bar, Wates Bar, Starbuck Cofee|

Where do people usually hang out on campus?

|Those restaurants and bars, Rubix nightclub|

Where do people usually hang out off campus?

|Odeon (cinema), Harpers (nightclub), Mambo (nightclub), Friary Shopping Center, High Streets|

Are you enjoying college life?



Alhamdulillah.. I've done with my final exam for this semester.Grin One year ago, I walked out of the exam hall with heavy-hearted, thinking about not letting those stuffs in the exam hall go. It was such miserable feelings that day. Although, I don't wish to go back to that time. I believe, every single things that had happen makes me realize how much world offer me a lifeThumbsUp, a better life, even to you. I learn so much things from my past. Nobody regrets tomorrow, because we don't see the future, not even know how things exactly going to be. Thus, most of us regret the past, because ever since things happen in yesteryears, we always spot the mistakes, made us wish "if I can turn back in time.. I'll definitely change it"..Frown

Saturday, 13 December 2008

Sekarang waktu pagi..

*this entry is not suitable for kids under 12.. language level is not appropriate

Pkol 3 lebey, a.m. X bley nk tdo, sbb td dah tdo overdose. Lagi pulak, tgh pagi2 buta ni, aku xde hati, paru, limpa segala nk study. Lemau perut, otak. Mcm malfunction je aku rase. Duk usha2 blog org la, duk usha tu, usha ni. Honest ckp la.. kalo ade pil tido, aku dah telan dah. Masak aalaah~! Siang td, dah lepas 1 paper. Ckp mcm byk paper. 2 jek pown. Ok2, berbalik pada hal td, ape tu? Paper siang td. Mule2 bukak soklan, aku cam dah konpius dah, sala amek kertas soklan ke hape ni? Tetibe out of nowhere, ade plak section2 ni. X pnah ade b4 ni pown, x pnah ckp gak nk tukar format. 2 kali masak. Bilik exam (aku panggil bilik sbb kecik, kalo besar br dewan, ye x?) tu, penuh seyh~ Muke2 familiar plak tu aku nmpk. Geleng kepala sat, x ku sangka begini. What a big failure, prof! Abes exam, prof cari students lame dia, tny cane ngn soklan tu. Sorta interviewing the crowd after bumping their heads to the wall. Mau x? Da tukar format, x ckp. Pastu, tny ape yg dia wat tu ok ke x? Kuwa dr bilik exam tu, p toilet. Wei.. 2 jam aku tahan sbb tanak kluwa dr bilik exam tu. Rugi mase. Masuk dlm toilet, dengar ade org esak2 nanges. X kuasa aku nk tgk. Kang tercicir kat situ, sape nk lap? Lepaskn hajat dlu, ape2 pown. Kuwa, sambil basuh tangan, aku curik2 dengar conversations 2 minah ni. Sorg minah ni nanges, X-classmate aku. Dia ckp, cam dia stuck ms exam td, blur, tgk soklan xde ape pon terlintas kat kepala. Kesian plak aku tgk. Si kawan dia (yg aku x knal) duk tenangkn dia. Aku? Tolong tengok je aah. Alhamdulillah, even aku ni cam x bape pandai sgt, but I've never been there before. Maksud aku, x pernah lg la, masuk2 dewan/bilik exam, pastu aku blackout. Even rs soklan ssh x hengat, still buat yang terbaik dr ladang gak (tiru ayat nabil jap). Cume tu aah.. harapnya xde la fail lg subjek tu. Nnti kang org ckp "ko ni bodo ke ape?".. X pasal2.

Nak ni~

Nak ni for my laptop n mobile phone~ Naaaaakkk~ Heart

Friday, 12 December 2008

Esok Exam

Smalam, teringin nk makan kuih seri muka. Ari ni, dah ade org baik hati, belanja kuih seri muke. Hehe, time kasih ye. Lain kali, kita tukar plak. Ngehs2. Act, sedikit sebanyak bengang ngan se-sumthing. Mampos laa.. exam btol2 sudah.. Aku kn x mcm org lain. Grin Moga dipermudahkn esok. Amiin.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Dulu dan Selamanya

Dulu Dan Selamanya - A To Z

Kepadamu ku curahkan
Kepadamu ku buktikan
Segala yang ku janjikan
Dari dulu dan selamanya

Biar musim pun berganti
Namun aku, kan kembali
Kepadamu di sisi
Bersama lagi, hanya kau ku sayangi

Biar hari berganti dan pergi
Kerana ku tahu kau kasihku
Kali ini ku kembali
Dalam alunan mesra sinar pagi
Ku genggam erat tanganmu
Ku bawa bersama
Ke alam realiti dan fantasi

ulang *

Sesmarian Community

Halo Salam and gud day to everybody..

click the logo to go to the SC page

SC or Sesmarian Community page was created by Marzuki a.k.a jukak for the purpose of gathering all the Sesmarians and X-Sesmarians in the cyber world. The community is now discussing on how to promote the page among students and also the alumni. Hopefully, by posting this entry, somehow can help those peeps in SC admin to achieve the target of at least 500 members. So Sesmarians out there, let's make the community merrier!Grin

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Breast Cancer Awereness Month

Facts about women's health:
  • One in eight women or 12.6% of all women will get breast cancer in her life.
  • Breast cancer risk increases with age and every woman is at risk.
  • Every 13 minutes, a woman dies of breast cancer.
  • 77% of women with breast cancer are over 50.
  • Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in women between the ages of 15 and 54, and the second cause of cancer death in women 55 to 74.
  • Risk for breast cancer include a family history, atypical hyperplasia, early menstruation (before age 12), late menopause (after age 55), current use or use in the last ten years of oral contraceptives, and daily consumption of alcohol.
  • Early detection of breast cancer, through monthly breast self-exam and particularly yearly mammography after age 40, offers the best chance for survival.

The rules:
  1. Put the logo in your blog.
  2. Add a link to the person who shared it with you.
  3. Nominate at least 7 others blog.
  4. Add your link to the list of participants below.
  5. Leave a message for your nominee on their blog.

Monday, 1 December 2008

Kisah Anak, Bapak & Burung Murai

Di tahun 1979.

Anak : Burung ape?
Bapak : Burung murai..
Anak : Burung ape?
Bapak : Burung murai..
Anak : Burung ape?
Bapak : Burung murai..
Anak : Burung ape?

PANG!!! (bapak tampor!

Anak : Huahuahuahuahua.. (meleleh air mata)
Bapak : Besok kalo tuhan kasi telinge kamu tuli baru tahu! Udah! Tak usah permainkan orang tua! Tak baik!

Di tahun 2007

Bapak : Burung ape?
Anak : Burung murai..
Bapak : Aa aa.. yer.. burung murai..
Anak : Eh? Kenapa bapak tak ulang-ulang tanya? Masih power telinga bapak ni ye..
Bapak : Ye la.. Dulu, kalo arwah datuk kamu panggil bapak suro pegi kedai ke, ape ke, sekali panggil je bapak dah menyahut. Bapak tak berani nak buat pura-pura pekak macam yang kamu buat selalu mase kecik-kecik. Barangkali, tu yang jadi berkatnye, jadi Allah taala kasi clear sampai sekarang!

* from a fren's blog

tag dari pian plak

  1. Berapa kali anda benar-benar jatuh cinta? Dan siapa yang paling meninggalkan kesan dalam hati anda? 3 kali.. kesan yg meninggalkan parut; pertama, kesan yg best; skrg lewww..
  2. Siapa dan berapa lame? Dah ramai dah tahu, kan? soo x yah sebut name.. LipsareSealed hahaha.. dekat setahun.
  3. Kenangan paling manis/romantik anda dengan dia? Kenapa? baaaaanyak woo.. I'd like to choose first time in london wif him.. so sweetHeart ngehs2
  4. Kenangan duka anda dengan dia? Kenapa? kenapa kita duk jauh?? wuuu
  5. Perkara terbaik yang pernah anda lakukan pada dia? I think, my jealousy is the best thing I've ever did to him.. (xnk tny kenapa ke?? haha)
  6. Perkara tak elok anda pernah lakukan pada dia? selalu Frown( i mean S.E.L.A.L.U ) buat dia kecik hati my bad..
  7. Jika diberi pilihan dari kisah cinta anda, siapa yang anda inginkan? Be it come hell or high water or anything.. sepastinye dan semestinye skrg. Smile
  8. Anda berjaya mendapatkan dia? BlushYa.
  9. Jika berada di hadapan mata anda sekarang, apakah yang anda ingin katakan? Lama x jumpa, kan? HeartHalo*mata bersinar-sinar nmpk rindu* jiwaangggs abes
  10. Bilakan kali terakhir anda menangis kerana cinta? x perlu bitaw org laa... simpan 2 org sudey

Dengan baik hatinya, sy telah menge-tag bdk2 ni : che yah, aishah roslan, daoz, dila birm & the mr.-in-the-story (walopon xde blog, kne jwb jugak.. lalala~