Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Nuffnang Now in UK!!

Hello readers! *waving hands over to the Britain land*

Nuffnang has taken several steps (not a step anymore) forward to the land of Queen Elizabeth - United Kingdom! Congratulations to Nuffnang! They're no longer an awesome advertising company in South East Asia, but they've gone wild to world wide! *clap clap*

What is Nuffnang?
So, those who've been blogging in the UK, can now join the community and earn from your blog.

FJ : I lived in UK for more than 4 years and I was waiting for this moment to come. Even they launched the UK community after I left, still am proud of this.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Menang barang2 The Face Shop bernilai RM289.70


First time sebenarnya menang hadiah dari contest majalah. Happy? Jangan cakap lahhh.. over excited taw bila dpt taw menang. Nilai agak lumayan jugak - RM289.70 adalah satu nilai hadiah yg besar bagi aku. Barang2 dah pegi collect, ada 3 barang. Lupa dah nama apa. Barang2 ni dari range chia seed dari The Face Shop, yang memberikan kelembapan optimum pada kulit. Lepas ni, In Shaa Allah akan usahakan lagi utk menang lebih banyak hadiah - mcm lah consistent sgt nk masuk contest.

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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Seats are selling fast!!

Hello readers,

Are you a movie maniac? Have you ready yet for Fast & Furious 6? Make sure you make some time for the movie esp if you're a diehardfan of Fast & Furious! Well, I'm all geared up for the movie. Hehe. Oh, by the way the seats are selling fast! - referring to a cinema in Pahang for tomorrow show. Pretty sure the same thing happen at your nearest cinemas, dude. Come on, it's Fast & Furious 6, and I'm anticipating the part where the girl 'came back from death'.

FJ : I'm excited.. hehe

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