Sunday, 10 October 2010

Chess.sing.ton Park!

I'll better update this before I forget or become lazy. 

Went to Chessington World of Adventure today! I had great day with my house mates. Thanks to all of you! :) It was kinda gloomy day. Alhamdulillah, it wasn't raining and not so cold too (not windy at all). We managed to arrive at 11.15 am (plus minus). It was about an hour journey from our new house by bus. The first ride? Monkey swinger!!

Kind of pening2 lalat after finishing the ride. It's not so scary. Good start for warmed up I say. But, they had 'hidden water' trick that made us wet. Main tipuu. Caution : if you scared of height, do not try this ride, ya!

Next, we moved on to KOBRA. We had to wait about 30 minutes in queue for this one. It was still early and all of us were still in high spirit and energetic. We talked a lot while queuing. KOBRA was not bad too. A perfect ride for under age kids to try something new. Something funny happen. I cried my eyes out (lots of tears coming out) during the ride. It wasn't because I fear the ride or some tragic things happen, but while riding KOBRA , the cold wind (while the ride spinning) made my eyes uneasy. We laughed out loud as soon as we finished the ride. 

sempat pose sblom ride bergerak.. say cheesseeeee

The 4 of us headed to Mystic East land - Chinese sanscripts were every where, for Dragon Falls. It was a ride in the water flow. Hehehe.. Every one was trying not to get wet. What else could you expect? No one had survived the ride without even one drop of water. Fair enough, huh? 

Without knowing what kind ride Rameses was, we happily headed to Mexicana land (hajat dalam hati mmg lah nk naik Rameses). Seeing that it was such a frightening and wet ride, we changed our mind. So then, Rameses had been crossed out of the list. :D Next stop? Rattlesnake. This one was sooo snaky. The track itself were snake-shaped. I shouted my throat out during the ride. Hahaha.. 

*ouh ouh, I'm not so great in story teller (x mcm cik yah).. xpe2 teruskan jek la*
"While wandering around in Mexicana, why not have a shot with Runaway Train." So that was the thought. This ride was more relaxing and fun compared to the other previous rides. Young children and parents were queuing all along for the train. Even though we have no kids, joining the queue wouldn't be such a crime. Sorry, got no pictures for this one. 

At 2.30 pm exactly, we were joining the lines for Vampire at Transylvania land. It wasn't really a roller coaster, but this ride has the similar concept with it - really really not sure what it is actually called. For this one, we spend about an hour and half to get through to the front line! Very tiring waiting indeed. The ride? It was fun but not worth the time waiting. Haha. 

see.. their foot are hanging in the air..

There were problems with the main ride at the Land of Dragons (Dragon Fury) - something stuck and the ride weren't working properly. To make things worse, there were people on one of the ride. But Thank Allah, nothing really happen. So, we delayed our niat to ride Dragon Fury and gave the team time to settle things up. We were rushing from this time on. Got few more rides to get on but not much time left. Hummppphh.. 

Then, we arrived at Safari Skyway in no time. The ride was built covering all the animals land - zoo. Well, we've got not enough time to visit all the animals, weren't we? So, this was the best choice. After that, moving to the northwest Safari Skyway, we joined the short queue for Black Buccaneer. The captain of the ship (hanging ship) was so friendly. While we were on board, the two girls sitting next to me were not stop shouting. I was laughing all along the journey and had to cover my ears for the high pitch sound. :P Right after that, we went back to Dragon's Fury. I was so thankful because we didn't have to wait for so long. As for me, I found Dragon's Fury was a scary ride. It was spinning and moving at the same time. Pening2 lalat jugak. 

Bought some souvenirs from the gift shop. All of us were so tired and hungry. We had our dinner at Kingston's Frangos. Fuuuhhh... It is unbelievable that I'm able to finish this entry within the night. Please enjoy the photos. Off to bed. Have another trip tomorrow. 

Riding Vampire 

 view from Safari Skyway

Black Buccaneer 

budak2 yg tertipu dgn pet baru mereka 

before riding KOBRA 

frangos, anyone?
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