Monday, 30 May 2011

Saya ada bakery!

Benda ni lah yg aku duk kerjakan dlm 2 hari ni.. adoi~~~

Korg2 yg ade bakery jugak tu, sile2 lah lawat bakery sy. Yg xde bakery, bleh kerja kt bakery saya ek. Jimat sket, x payah bayar wages. Hehe. 


FJ : Anyone can dream. But, how many of them are capable to turn it into reality?

Sunday, 29 May 2011

kau yang paling setia

Hi blog,

Aku emo nak mampos malam ni. Siyes lah! Aku x taw nk ngadu kt sape dah. Kau je yang paling setia. Ape2 yg jadi pon, kau tetap setia dgn aku. Terima kasih *sob sob* Dah 3 mggu aku tggu. Haram. 1 mende pon xde. Konon ckp agent akan contact. Ni tinggal lg seminggu je kot. Seminggu. Ni bukan tggu nk beli tiket bas balik melaka dari KL. Ni nak balik msia dr uk la weh! Dah la balik for good. Banyak mende nk kne settle engkau tahu x? Nak beli tiket flight balik KT lg (yg harga dah naik mencanak-canak). Nak settlekan hal rumah lg. Bil2. Landlord tu, bleh dikatakn tiap2 kot tanya, 'bila nak balik? bila tiket flight?'. Serabut, tahu x? Tu x campur adik2, mak, ayah, nenek lg. 

Pastu pulak, sibuk duk suh lapor diri kt ofis yg 'dekat' sgt tu. Ha ah, lupe plak. Ofis tu sebelah rumah aku jek. Tiap2 hari pon bleh pegi. Dekat dgn airport plak tu. Smpi2 je, x yah jumpe family dlu. Lapor diri yg penting. Kne g ofis yg penting. Dpt classmates pulak yg 'sgt supportive'. Member x dpt tiket flight, bukan nk simpati. Nak gelakkan lg ade. Siap duk takut2kan pasal volcano ash. Memang 'bagus' sgt la tu. Jgn smpi, aku doakan jadi mende lain ms flight ko-yg-supportive-sgt-tu sudah! Aku mintak la sgt wei, aku x dpt 1 tmpt keje dgn org2 mcm ni. Name je nk jadi cikgu, tp kalo dgn classmates pon x bleh nk jd supportive, x payah nk simpan angan2 niat suci murni nk support students nnti. 

p/s: aku mmg emo gile mlm ni.. ni kire bahase bleh control lg la.. kalo, mcm2 kuwa, kang ckp aku cikgu yg x bermoral pulak.. cume, kalo korg seme kt tmpt aku, korg tahu lah ape yg aku rs.. jgn sibuk nk judge je x tentu psl.. kalo x suke, jgn bace.. blah je.. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Day Out : Windsor.. for like the 100th time


Dear readers, (by this, I really really mean to those who always read and wait for the update - bukan nk perasan oke?)

I am in the middle of trying to sort things out. My final assignment which due in 2 days and my school evidence which also due in 2 days. I really really need to work my ass off for these before I can say, "Yahoo! I'm free!" -.- After managed to finish the essay part of my assignment, I went for fresh air. The destination was Windsor. Why Windsor even I've been there like sooo many times? Because it's a unique place in my eyes, and I'd like to go for sight-seeing, not shopping or what-so-ever-things-that-spend-much-money. Plus, it's not far from my house. Took about half an hour by train :) 

The Round Tower of Windsor Castle at the background
So here some of the pictures. I love the first one! Heeee.. It was a sunny day. But, please do not get tricked by the sunshine! It cold still!!!! I lost my count, for how many visits did I pay to this place. However, I NEVER have been IN the castle. Well, visitors can pay for about £14 to get into the castle, looking around and maybe take some pictures. 

Oki doki. I have to stop now. Work loads are waiting. I'll write again in the nearest-distance future for sure! :D

FJ : Hey you! Do you miss me? *ke ke ke* Hey.. over there! Please forgive me.. If I'm coming on too strong :P

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Grapevine, Nuffnang & Churpchurp: Sharing is caring!

This is a sticky post. Do scroll down for the latest entry! 


Great news for you guys! Nuffnang & Churpchurp are introducing new scheme of ads sharing; Grapevine! So now, it doesn't matter if you don't have a blog, you still can earn from sharing the interesting ads on your social media platforms! Please please, do not tell me you don't have Twitter or Facebook. -.- How things work?

Do I have to be a nuffnanger?
Do I need a blog?
Do I have to be a churper?


click the picture then, you'll be directed to churpchurp/grapevine page~!
No matter where you see the ads comes with 4 social sharing icons, you can always share them and be a part of grapevine! Email the ads to your friends, share them on facebook, tweet the ads to your beloved ones or even share them on the MSN, whichever you like! Then, enter your email address if you wanna earn money or win cool prizes from your sharing. Once you've entered your e-mail address, you will get a notification from grapevine, i.e telling you the unique link of your campaign and how to redeem your earnings!

I tried one of the ads that appeared on my blog!
Blog readers will be rewarded by cash with every unique click generated from the sharing. Blogger get rewarded through number of visits at your blog and number of clicks on ads from your blog. AND.. AND.. If you're a blogger; there's more for you! You will also earn from each unique click that your blog readers generated through sharing! *yeay!* Super AWESOME, huh? 

SO, why wait any longer? Start sharing now~~!

FJ : Spread the good news and earn by sharing the cool stuffs!

Monday, 23 May 2011

Why getting married?


The 'wedding season' is around the corner, isn't it? So, kamu2 semua dah attend berapa banyak wedding reception? Or dah dapat berapa kad jemputan? Atau kamu2 sendiri yang buat jemputan? Congratulations, if that's the case. Aku doakan, yang akan mendirikan rumah tangga tu, akan sentiasa bahagia hingga ke akhir hayat. Bagi yang belum tu, the time will arrive someday. Sabar, yek :)

comel, kan?
FJ : I wonder myself, when 'the time' will come for me *peace*.

Friday, 13 May 2011

Juvana - surat Aim untuk mak


Korang follow x drama juvana? Aku x sure drama ni disiarkan kat tv berapa, pukul berapa. Tapi, bile aku start tengok episod 1, aku rasa, ceritanya menarik. Apa? Korang x layan drama melayu? Puhliss! Episod terbaru, episod 3, berkisar tentang minggu pilihan raya kt sekolah. Setiap calon, kena bagi ucapan kt perhimpunan pagi. Tapi, instead of bagi ucapan, salah sorang calon tu, baca surat ni; which aku rs tersentuh gile bile dengar. 
Bila mak nak datang sini? Aim rindukan mak.
Hari ni Aim tengok budak kena paksa makan makanan atas lantai.
Ada hari yang Aim tak boleh tidur. 
Nak tidur je, ada budak yang kena pukul 
Dia jerit mintak tolong, tapi takde siapa yg berani tolong.
Apa salah budak tu, mak?
Aim tak nak duduk sini lagi. 
Tiap-tiap hari, Aim doakan mak datang selamatkan Aim. 
Tapi mak tak pernah datang. Tolong Aim mak.
Cakap dengan dorang, Aim tak buat salah. Aim budak baik. Aim anak mak.
Kalau mak tolong Aim keluar, Aim sumpah takkan sakitkan hati mak lagi. 
Aim sumpah tak nak buat jahat lagi. 
Cakap kat dorang, Aim budak baik. Cakap kat dorang, Aim anak mak. 

Kalo nak taw ape sebenarnya yg jadi, korg tgk la sendiri drama tu. Kalo seme aku nk cite, bek aku karang novel, kan?

FJ : The letter is sounded so pure and innocent. 

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I long for my home..


How's life treating you guys? Err.. or shud I ask how you guys are treating life nowadays? ^_^ I am currently counting down days to return home. Yes, by home, I mean, Malaysia, family, and.. *oppss.. no and* My house mates and I have been talking about being in the flight home since like a month ago. We longed the hot weather in Malaysia, the deliciousness of the foods, the beach, the hangout days, etc. Yes, we've been counting down days, unfortunately we have no clear final date. I mean, we're not even sure the exact date for us to return. Pity, huh? 

That is one thing. The other thing, about the work place. I've been away from my family for about 5 years, and hoping to get closer work place to my parent. But, do you know what did they say? "Ala, sementara belum kawin ni lah bleh keje jauh2.. Nanti dah kawin, bleh la dekat.." What?? Do they NOT understand our feelings? We've been away from family since nearly 4 or 5 years, and they want us AGAIN to be apart from the family? Ingat nanti bila dah kawin, memang confirm dpt husband yg tggl dekat dgn family kita, ke? I'm not sure what's in their mind. Do they not think straight? *sigh* Even the lecturers understood the feelings of being away from home, but they didn't. They're foreigners yet they're so understanding.  

I talked to my mum the day before yesterday, and we've talked about some discussion that I don't want to be involved with at this moment; marriage. :| Seems like she has been bothering herself with this topic now, and started to ask me about it. Yup, she's a typical mother, just like other mothers. She must have wanted her daughter to have a life partner when the daughter turned to 24 or so, isn't it? 'Mak, i cudn't promise anything, but I'll try,ok?' She wants her daughter to be happy, just like she was, at the same age. Or maybe she's just being too sensitive over the overload wedding invitation? Haha.. *gelakkan mak sendiri, takbek btol* O.o

Oh, I read this entry from my fellow friend, about 'do girl like younger boy?'. Hah~! Well, honestly speaking, there are women who prefer younger men. They might find themselves sick/tired of older men that they couldn't control, then choosing younger men might make them feel they have the power over men. Yes, I was, at some point, sick of men. But that is not a reason for me to choose younger men. A total NO for me. I mean, capital N, capital O! Why? I had been in relationship with same-age boy and we did quarrel a lot over some childish or small things. Well, there's saying about, men 'grow up' a bit later than women. Then, what will happen if I choose a younger boy to be with? Chaos? Haha. Let's not talk further. This is just a crazy part of me as a result of the work loads. Heh! 

FJ : Yeah, yeah. de-efjay should've come out with more interesting entry. I do, admit that fact~ (o_~)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Bedroom Sanctuary - LAGU


Somebody introduced this song to me, which I personally thought nice and funny at some points - I mean, the video clip :)

Here goes the lyric;

Hariku harus dipenuhi dengan kehadiranmu sayangku
Fikiranku hanya dipenuhi dengan senyumanmu, uh..
Alangkah indah jika dirimu sentiasa di sisiku sayangku
Berikan ku, hanya satu.. hanya satu lagu

Hariku harus dipenuhi dengan kemanjaanmu cintaku
Fikiranku hanya dipenuhi dengan suaramu divaku
Alangkah indah jika dirimu sentiasa di sisiku sayangku
Berikan ku, hanya satu.. hanya satu lagu
Oh.. oh.. oh.. oh..

Alangkah indah jika dirimu sentiasa di sisiku sayangku
Berikan ku hanya satu.. hanya satu.. lagu

So, how was it? Simple song, isn't it? I love the song, the voice and the video! Why 'bedroom sanctuary'? I have noo idea about it -.-

FJ : Rambut lu mmg style la brader!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Vlog matluthfi: bukan semua cantik subjektif


Aku sebenarnye bukanlah suke sgt dgn Vlog. Lebih prefer bace blog kot, dr tgk vlog. Sbb, kdg2, dr segi penyampaian, sesetengah vlogger tu over sket. Tu bg aku la. Ade org, prefer vlog, sbb x payah nk susah2 bace blog, kan? Well, that's personal preference. :) Cuma aku nk btaw, aku suke vlog dari matluthfi. Korg semua pon mesti dah biasa sgt tgk video2 dia, kn? Blambak kot org share kt fb. Why matluthfi? Sbb dlm setiap vlog dia, ade mesej tersendiri. Bukan vlog kosong, yg stakat nk tayang kepoyo-an, brg berjenama milik peribadi mahupon gaya fesyen yg pelik2.

Smalam aku ade tgk 1 video ni dr matluthfi; bukan semua cantik subjektif. Mmg org slalu ckp, 'beauty is in the eye of beholder'. Tp, matluthfi nk btaw, yg cantik tu sendiri sbenarnya ade guideline dia. Well, aku stuju dgn dia :) Satu lg aku tertarik dgn ape yg dia ckp, 'dan agak malanglah kpd org yg disukai ramai semata-mata hanya kerana kecantikannya'. Org slalu ckp cantik dalaman tu lagi penting dr cantik luaran. Maksudnya, org ramai kononnya selalu mengetengahkan idea, kecantikan peribadi lebih dipandang tinggi dr kecantikan fizikal. Persoalannya, kalo fizikal pon dah x cantik, mcm mane org nk approach utk menyelami kecantikan peribadi seseorang? Cantik x semestinya hidung nk kena mancung, pipi sentiasa merah dgn blusher atau rambut nk spike je semedang. Kemas pon cantik, kan? Xkan sbb syok sendiri, 'peribadi aku mmg dah cun melecun', smpi x nak jaga ke-cun-an fizikal? Aku sgt2 hairan dan x faham bile ade sesetengah pihak yg ckp, "tak baik berhias.." padahal, org tu pakai lip gloss dgn eye liner je pon =.= Sbb ape aku x faham? Sbb, bg aku, pihak2 tersebut mcm menghalang org lain cuba nk jadi cantik. Bukan Allah sukakan kecantikan ke? 

Malas la nk komen lebih2 isu ni skrg. Nanti ade pulak yg sentap, kang. Oh ye. Ade lg 1 video matluthfi yg aku suke. Video psl kebersihan. Kalo korg tgk youtube account dia, mesti ade video tu. Aku igt la kan, matluthfi ni patut jadi ambassador in promoting positive values within young people/professional, lah! :D

FJ : FJ buat Vlog? Mmg x la wei~ Haha. ^^

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Coach Leatherware now in UK!


Hello everyone! How's your long weekend? I'm pretty sure most people in UK and Malaysia appreciate the extra day off for this week, huh? :) Yada yada. 

Women all over the world go crazy with branded handbags. That's a fact or can actually be a tip for men to tackle women? haha Designer brand such as Gucci, Lv, Guess, etc are among brand stores that can be easily found in UK. About a month ago, Coach has opened it's very first store in UK! It is situated on the ground floor of Westfield London in White City.

I like the store environment and decoration. Yeah, been there once and obviously won't buy anything. Well, Coach is SO NOT within my budget~ @.@ So ladies, what are you waiting for? Get your dreamt handbags now! :P

FJ : Mmg x mampu la nk beli pape kt Coach. Coin purse je pon dah £30! =.=