Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Di kala ada masa nk layan tag~

Top 2 things found in my purse as always :
cards | coins

Top 2 things I do when I'm sad :
Crying | senyap

Top 2 songs I could listen again and again :
ampuniku - KRU | suluhkan sinar - Various Malaysian Artists

Top 2 reasons to watch tv :
bored | interesting show

Top 2 places I'd like to go in 10 years time :
Mecca | Australia

Top 2 current obsessions :
Sickfossil watch | money,, money,, money

Top 2 favorite nicknames :
wanfathiah (byk web berdaftar atas nick ni) | t***a LipsareSealed

Top 2 favorite foods :
mee goreng basah | ketam masak merah mak yang masak

Top 2 favorite snacks :
kit kat | baked walkers

Top 2 favorite websites :
wanfathiah.blogspot Grin| tv3.com.my
nak taw sgt! amek

Top 2 goals I'd like to accomplish :
finishing my degree with all I have | berikan 'sesuatu' kpd family

Top 2 favorite to do :
all the 'i' 'n' 'g's with internet | listening to music

Top 2 favorite places :
Paris | Pantai Teluk Lipat

Top 2 things I can't wait to happen :
pegang gulungan degree| 'mission accomplish' -x sabar nk tgk muke2 mereka..Sarcastic

Top 2 places I'd love to shop :
Bando DungunStickingOutTongue | Guildford town

Top 2 persons to be tagged :
kamu yg bace ni | kawan kamu yg kamu pilih

*certain things, xbleh bitaw directly, sbb melibatkn pihak2 tertentu,, huhu

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Personality Quiz

1. rather not to 100% believe on the results
2. prepare yourself to be motivated

Ok guys, check this out!


January 01 - 09 - Lion
January 10 - 24 - Mouse

January 25 - 31 - Lion

February 01 - 05 - Cat
February 06 - 14 - Dove
February 15 - 21 - Turtle
February 22 - 28 - Panther

March 01 - 12 - Monkey
March 13 - 15 - Lion
March 16 - 23 - Mouse
March 24 - 31 - Cat

April 01 - 03 - Lion
April 04 - 14 - Panther
April 15 - 26 - Mouse
April 27 - 30 - Turtle

May 01 - 13 - Mouse
May 14 - 21 - Dove
May 22 - 31 - Lion

June 01 - 03 - Mouse
June 04 - 14 - Turtle
June 15 - 20 - Lion
June 21 - 24 - Monkey
June 25 - 30 - Cat

July 01 - 09 - Mouse
July 10 - 15 - Lion
July 16 - 26 - Dove
July 27 - 31 - Cat

August 01 - 15 - Monkey
August 16 - 25 - Mouse
August 26 - 31 - Turtle

September 01 - 14 - Dove
September 15 - 27 - Cat
September 28 - 30 - Lion

October 01 - 15 - Monkey
October 16 - 27 - Turtle
October 28 - 31 - Panther

November 01 - 16 - Lion
November 17 - 30 - Cat
December 01 - 16 - Lion
December 17 - 25 - Monkey
December 26 - 31 - Dove

Mouse - Always up to some sort of a mischief! The mischievous gleam in your eyes is what makes you so cute and attractive to everyone. You are an extremely fun-to-be-with kind of person. No wonder, people seek your company and look forward to include you for all get-togethers. However, you are sensitive, which is a drawback. People need to select their words while talking to you. If someone tries to fiddle around and play with words while dealing with you, it is enough to invite your wrath.

Lion - Quite contrary to the name, you are a peace loving person. You try to avoid aggressive situations.. An outdoor person, you dislike sitting at one place for a long time. You are a born leader. You want to feel loved, and when you receive your share of limelight from someone, you are all theirs! Some people could even take advantage of this by flattering you. So be careful..

Cat - An extremely lovable, adorable person, sometimes shy, with a passion for quick wit. At times, you prefer quietness. You love exploring various things and exploring everything in depth. Under normal circumstances you're cool, when given a reason to, you are like a volcano waiting to erupt. You're a fashion bird, an icon associated with fashion. Basically, you mingle along freely but don't like talking much to strangers. People feel very easy in your company. You take care when choosing your friends.

Turtle - You are near perfection and nice at heart. The examples of your kindness are always talked about by your friends and the people who know you. You like peace and harmony and you don't like to argue with people even when it is obvious that you are right. You do not talk behind people's backs. You are generous and you like to give love unconditionally.

Dove - You have a happy-go-lucky approach in life. Whatever the surroundings may be, grim or cheerful, you remain unaffected. In fact, you spread cheer wherever you go. You are the leader of your group of friends and good at consoling people in their times of need. You dislike hypocrisy. Hypocrites can never be in your good books, no matter what. You are very methodical and organized in your work. Beware, it is easy for you to fall in love..

Panther - You are mysterious. You are someone who can handle pressure with ease. You love to gossip with your friends. You like all situations and things to be in the way you desire, which, sometimes is not possible. As a result, you may lose out in some relationships. But otherwise, you love to help people out from difficult and tight spots when they really need you.

Monkey - Very impatient and hyper! You want things to be done as quickly as possible. At heart, you are quite simple and love if you are the center of attraction. In this way, you are unique. You like having a sense of security. Should your name be featured in any sort of a controversy, you may start to panic. Therefore, you take your precautions from the very beginning. When you foresee anything wrong, your sixth sense is what saves you from falling in traps. Quite a money minded bunch you people are!

Understanding myself - tonight version

Maybe this is something rare! I found myself kinda confuse of my own personality tonight. I thought a lot lately, 'bout myself. So I took some personality tests somehow to comfort me. Here are the results;

Persoality test:
  • Others see you as fresh, lively, charming, amusing, practical, and always interesting; someone who's constantly in the center of attention, but sufficiently well-balanced not to let it go to their head. They also see you as kind, considerate, and understanding; someone who'll always cheer them up and help them out.

Emotion test:
  • Your attitude towards your emotions is a healthy one. You aren't ashamed to let your emotions show occasionally, and you will undoubtedly be much healthier because of this attitude. You are likely to be a good social advisor.

  • Aquarians can be better counselors than friends. The reason is that though emotionally involved, they can think clearly and visualize situations and problems creatively. As yours is the sign of friendship, I do predict that your friends will receive both warmth and guidance from you.
  • You have a happy-go-lucky approach in life. Whatever the surroundings may be, grim or cheerful, you remain unaffected. In fact, you spread cheer wherever you go. You are the leader of your group of friends and good at consoling people in their times of need. You dislike hypocrisy. Hypocrites can never be in your good books, no matter what. You are very methodical and organized in your work. Beware, it is easy for you to fall in love..
  • The born diplomats. They are aware of others' needs and moods and often think of others before themselves. Naturally analytical and very intuitive they don't like to be alone. Friendship and companionship is very important and can lead them to be successful in life, but on the other hand they'd rather be alone than be in an uncomfortable relationship. Being naturally shy they should learn to boost their self-esteem and express themselves freely and seize the moment and not put things off.
  • Rare beauty, knows how to adapt, likes luxury, of good health, not the least shy, tends to look down on others, self-confident, determined, impatient, likes to impress others, many talents, industrious, healthy optimism, waiting for the one true love, able to make quick decisions.

Saturday, 25 October 2008

A day out, back from a year~

Salam to all. I just figured out why my font size button didn't really work; riceball smiley emoticons. But, I really loves the smileys! Ade mcm gaya kne tukar browser or tukar skin ke? Betul aku tader mase nk pk psl tu. Soo much t hings to think that makes me sick of thinking~ Complicated? Emotion, aiye. Full-stop. Ok, get back to the main story. LipsareSealed

I can't recall the last time we went out together. Wut say you my dear friends? Hehe.. though you're answering me, I can't hear that. 7 of us, without naemah, went to town or to be specific; pizzahut. The main plan was, celebrating izzah's 21st birthday. So it was. Too bad for her, all 6 of us, sharing just 1 birthday present. So stingy, huh?Pirate Nway, Happy 21st Birthday friend~

sempat jalan2 + posing2

ape yg korg cube buat ni?

After solat, Sara, Sha, Nik and I started our journey to London. We had purchased 4 theatre tickets. First timers going to watch theater, how excited we were! Opps, lupa nk mention. The theater was about The Lion King. Even dapat seat agak belakang, we had our great time! Mane x, rezeki laa, sbb 2 rows in front of us were empty, so we got the 'clear view'. Maklum jelah, seme rendang2. Too bad, x bleh amek gmbr mase theater sdg berlangsung. Ala, standard rules applied. The play was great, with the very good sound and so the costumes, the stage, the actors/actresses, the dancers, the songs, coreography - all of them were well 'blended'!HeartHeart

Lyceum theatre

Alhamdulillah, puas hati. Sara said, she'd like to *hear another play; the phantom of the opera. Aisey, tade duet dah kalo nk gi tgk lagi.Sick Tahun depan bleh la kot. Lepas abes, kitorg berangkat pulang laa,, sampai Waterloo train station pon da pkol 11 mase tu..

* kalo theatre, org British dulu2 panggil hear a play.

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Ampuniku - KRU

Terlantar dalam kekusuatan umpama tiada harapan
Terlalu banyak kesilapan terlanjur ku lakukan
Ku tahu aku selalu terleka
Ku tahu ku tak sempurna lima
Timbul rasa insaf tersedar dari godaan dunia

Daku mahu kembali ke jalan yang sebenar
Tekad sedaya upaya agar Dikau sudi terima

Tinggalkan segala yang sudah
Ku di dalam gelisah
Ku mendoakan Kau ampuni segala dosa
Hatiku tidak akan berubah
Dengan yakin ku bersumpah
Aku bersujud agar Kau ampuni diriku

Ingin ku merubahkan cara menjadi insan lebih setia
Merintih dengan air mata menyerah jiwa raga
Apabila sudah tiba masanya nyawaku tiada di dunia
Ambillah ku dekat pada-Mu
Itu saja pintaku

Walau tak mungkin mampu penuhi harapan-Mu
Namun daku merayukan pengampunan dari-Mu tuhan

Aku hanyalah manusia biasa
Yang terkandas di perjalanan
Ingin pulang ke pangkuan


Friday, 17 October 2008

Rama2 & Manusia Biasa.

Pertamanya, salam kepada semua pembaca. Tiada niat untuk mencoret apa-apa di ruangan ini, hingga terdetik tatkala aku baca satu artikel ringkas dari iLuvislam.com. Tajuknya 'Kerana Dia Manusia Biasa'. Sungguh aku setuju dengan pendapat yang diutarakan. Terselit satu gambar hiasan; seekor rama-rama hinggap berehat di atas sebentuk cincin berserta nota ini;
Cinta layaknya seperti seekor rama-rama. Semakin kalian mengejarnya, semakin jauh ia terbang meninggalkan kalian. Biarkan rama-ramamu terbang ke mana saja ia suka. Siapa tahu, bila ia lelah dan tidak sedar akan kewujudanmu, ia bakal mengibaskan sayapnya ke arahmu, menumpang teduh dari panas, hujan, badai duniawi dalam keadaan yang kau tidak sangka. Mungkin saja rama-rama yang kau kejar itu bukan rama-rama yang Allah peruntukkan buatmu.

Dalam cerita biasa, yang membuktikan kebiasaan, tetapi menjadikannya luar biasa kerana jarang benar manusia sedar akan kebiasaan itu. ThumbsUp

"Kerana dia manusia biasa.."
"Dia sedar bahawa dia manusia biasa. Dia masih punya Allah yang mengatur hidupnya. Yang aku tahu, dia akan selalu berusaha tetapi dia tidak menjanjikan apa-apa. Soalnya, dia tidak tahu, apa yang akan terjadi pada kami kemudian hari..."

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Malaysia losing her identity?

Haha.. come on readers. Dun take it too serious. We're about to talk on sumthing far from politics. Smile The kitchen were a bit crowded with 6 of us, cooking for tomo meal; ayam masak merah. The team were talking bout so many stuff, like there's no more tomorrow. Hah~ We really did. It just two of us, my rumet and I in the room while others 'busy' upstairs. We actually talked bout foods, Malaysian foods. Ever heard of 'rakyat tempatan, selera antarabangsa'? Sure u did.

our ayam masak merah - without the international label Angel


air sirap bandung

nasi goreng USA

roti london

mee jawa

nasi goreng pattaya

mee siam

rojak singapura

.. name it anymore.. Fuuhh! ThumbsUp

rumet : yeah,, it’s sure a lot!

me : just imagine,, there's a foreigner stop by at a stall to hv his meal.. after take a look at the menu, he feels like not eating.. everything is international..

rumet & me : kah3 Grin

me : but somehow,, he spotted the nasi goreng kampung.. there he goes, with a big smile, ordering for his meal..

rumet : yup, thank God.. we still have our nasi goreng kampung..

me : O~ Malaysiana..

I meant no harm to my beloved mother country, yet too far from praying for sumthing bad to her. It's just some stuffs that crossed my mind, how special Malaysia mean to me. Hoping for sumthing gud in the future, not only for me and family, but oso for this great country.

* Some of those from mesra.net Wink

Saturday, 11 October 2008

I wonder..

Got this one from che-yah's blog. Dun hv any idea why the quiz described me so. Sick Btw, who the heck is green latern? Haven't heard of him before. Any comics-maniac here?Gasp

You have strong will power and a good imagination.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

Raya - Family Version

Greetings dear fellow readers,

It's still Syawal, 12 to be exact, even the raya-spirit isn't really in the air anymore - huge difference being in UK compared to Malaysia. I guess, different country comes with different flag, huh? I missed my family so much for not being with them during raya - even miss them now. My sis told me that she's not really into raya this year, because of me. Frown Wut can I do, sis. I didn't able to fly to you, yet ain't own the wings.

Anyway, these are some of the raya pics I got from my sis. And obviously, without me, celebrating raya with them. For the first time in this blog, introducing;Heart

ayah and mak

amad, angah and achik

the family minus me Crying - nice hall, huh?

Uhuk2.. Feeling bad for not intro them earlier. Pirate (Ampun mak, ayah). Miss you guys.. Lotta.. lotta.. lotta love. Wink

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Owl Syndrome, huh?

Greetings to the readers. I found myself didn't sleep according to 'schedule'. Kinda an owl. Uhuk2. Keep reminding+forcing me-self to switch. I guess, I tried not hard enough, huh? FootInMouth Nway, going to celebrate another 'raya' tomo.

Dot.. dot.. dot..

Going to be 3.oo AM soon and I'm here, still doing nothing yet can't sleep. AngryFace

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Quotes from The Book

Dan jika kami rasakan kepada manusia suatu rahmat (nikmat) dari kami, Kemudian rahmat itu kami cabut daripadanya, Pastilah dia menjadi putus asa lagi tidak berterima kasih.

Dan jika kami rasakan kepadanya kebahagiaan sesudah bencana yang menimpanya, niscaya dia akan berkata: "Telah hilang bencana-bencana itu daripadaku"; Sesungguhnya dia sangat gembira lagi bangga,

Kecuali orang-orang yang sabar (terhadap bencana), dan mengerjakan amal-amal saleh; mereka itu beroleh ampunan dan pahala yang besar.

Surah Hud : 9-11

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Salam Aidilfitri

Salam to all. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri, Maaf Zahir dan Batin. Entry ni agak lmbt kluwa, mintak maaf. Wink Duk sibuk edit gmbr, bukan pandai sgt pon, tp, ckop la nk ks elok sket dr sblom ni. 1 Syawal tahun ni, jatuh pada hari Selasa, awal sehari dr Malaysia. Raya pertama jek, dah ade bape rumah yg buat open house. Makanan seme best2. Tetamu ramai plak tu. Jom kite tgk ape laa yg meriah sgt tu kan.. Halo

Antara yg buat open house 1st raya ari tu, rumah 46 Cabell Road and Kak Azimah & family. Kitorg ade gak p raya rumah Kak Amal, rumah Abg Mat Noor, and rumah Izah <-- yg ni, pagi2 buta kami da sampai. Dorg x siap masak lagi. Blush Anyway, x p smayang raya, sbb x boleh. Paham2 la ye opah (ayat upin & ipin). Ari rabu, seme org sibuk balik ngan klas/projek/keje masing2. But still, ade jugak yg buat open house. Terima kasih la utk warga kerja yg terlibat ngan open hous ekat Manor Park ari tu. Bleh gak kami yg puasa ni, bukak puasa free. Hehe. Sampai Manor Park, teringat plak kenangan lame tggl kat sane. Cheeewah!

Jumaat plak, warga Stag Hill plak yg buat open house. Skali lagi bukak puasa free. Grin Makanan pon sedap2, smpai aku kne kawal gile tahap nk makan byk yg meluap-luap. Huuu.. gemuk~ Kiss Dan hari Sabtu, berlanjutan lagi, open house-nya. Adoi~ Org2 kat Surrey ni, mmg murah hati dan rajin btol. Kan?