Sunday, 6 February 2011

Chinese New Year Celebration at China Town, London


Happy New Year to all Chinese, Koreans and other ethics who are celebrating the new year of lunar calendar. My house mate said she's going to China Town. So, I asked if I can go with her. I almost forget that today is the 2nd day of the celebration when I first arrived at China Town, Leicester Square. There's nothing weird seeing sea of crowds at the underground station. Seriously, I thought today was just one of the busy weekends. Walking towards to China Town, I heard very loud sound that I was once very familiar with; the sound of the lion dance. Massive numbers of people were gathered watching the lion dance. They were taking pictures and recording videos. Some chinese were even explaining the dance to their British friends. And it's nice to see parents brought the children out for this kind of family outing; the children learnt about other cultural. 

To be honest, it wasn't my intention to be there to join the celebration. But, seeing those things and hearing the loud sound from the drums really made me miss Malaysia. A lot! I can say that I'm counting down the days I'll return home. Anyway, we bought some stuffs from the oriental supermarket; kicap manis kipas udang, maggi asam laksa, lemon grasses, sweet plums, etc. 

a lion in the restaurant!
"grrrr.. brrrr.. lrrr" Yup, the official sound of hungriness. It sounded louder than the drums. Heh. We managed to find a halal restaurant at China Town. Hooray! It's Rasa Sayang. Well, you know how restaurant filled with people at festival time, don't you? Fortunately, we didn't have to wait long. It's been a while since I had soya-cincau. Heee. Miss Malaysia again. Sob sob. While enjoying the meal, the restaurant has been ambushed by a lion! Yes, it was the lion from the new year festival. It was a cute, white lion with adorable action, I say. It gave a fortune stuff (something like charm - according to chinese belief) to one of the customer. Cutie cutie! We then headed back to Twickenham after filling our stomach up with good foods. :P

my collections from vacations, photo shoots, outings and graduation - some of those were not my shot
Since I've been printing photos from my laptop folders, it's better if I have a photo album isn't it? Yes yes. I don't have one. I know I should've bought one long ago. Blame me for losing lots of printed photos - the ones  that have been printed for years. Virginmedia has kindly giving away 100 free prints every month for my household - thanks a zillion Virginmedia! It is such a good opportunity for me to recover or re-print the lost photos. (:

voucher! voucher!
I've learnt my lesson. So, I've bought a very nice photo album with leather cover just for £5 at Jessop. Quite cheap isn't it? I mean, it's a leather cover, guys! The best thing was, I got £5 print voucher! How amazing, is it? Let say every photo is about £0.15 each - the worst case scenario for 6x4 photo size. I can get about 33 printed photos! Plus the free monthly credit, which I got about 25 prints every months and plus registration offers from tesco print (I've been entitled for 50 free prints). ^^ More than enough for me. Lalalalaa~

FJ : Printing photos is the new unofficial project for me now, that I've worked so hard on it. There are many more official placement-related task that haven't been done yet. Teehee T.T
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