Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Tinseltown Steak House @Bayswater


The new Tinseltown Steak House branch has finally open at Bayswater! Yuhoo! I can't really remember how many times I've been to Tinseltown - which is quite a lot. But the one that I've been before was quite a distance from the main attractions. It's in Farringdon. Luckily Tinseltown has set up another branch at Bayswater. My house mates and I happily decided to have our dinner there last night. We took nearly an hour to reach the steak house (of course by riding the public transports).

Tinseltown do have various range of american diners in their menu. They have flame grilled steaks, burgers and also sandwishes, which are not only mouth-watering but also HALAL! nggee~ For the steak, customer can choose any type of sauce to go with the grilled meat, e.g Piri Piri sauce or Kickin' Creamy Mint sauce. Tinseltown is also specialized in making the irresistible thick ice-clid dairy ice-cream milk shakes. You'll find over 50 type of milk shakes there! So, what did we order? 

milk shakes menu on the wall
sirloin steak (8oz beef), mixed grill, & buffalo chicken wings
We had lootts of steak and grill meat that night, with delicious milk shakes and other drinks too! As we went there with empty stomach, I could say, everyone really focus on the meal while eating.

cookies and cream (VIP shake)
We managed to finish 98% of the foods and spent about £55 on them. Besides Bayswater and Farringdon, Tinseltown also has another 3 branches all over UK (mostly in london). They are located at Gants Hill, Hampsted and Leicester. Do check out Tinseltown website for the menu, locations and offers! We got a free milk shake last night (as part of the offer of the day) to go with the mixed grill. Call them if you would like to make reservation! 

FJ : Looking for another nice place to eat~ 
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