Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Birthday Party the lil princess


Mood nk update blom dtg. Tp ade org tny psl gmbr2 party tu. Maaflah. Gmbr byk yg x berkualiti. Xde mood nk ambek gmbr ms tu. Pergi pon sekadar memenuhi jemputan dan sbb the little princess quite close with me. She's Qistina Batrisya (E'in), 4 years old cute princess. It was the third birthday party for her since she has been in UK and I attended all 3 of them. :) Malas Tak rajin nk letak gmbr kt fb. So, here it goes some of the snapshots from the party. 

Happy 4th birthday E'in. I hope you'll grow up as an excellent person with fabulous personalities. :)

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