Tuesday, 11 January 2011

London's food hunting : sushi!


habibi sushi, liverpool street
I've been craving for sushi since 1 month ago. After hearing some news about a halal sushi diner from friends, I couldn't stop myself thinking about the sushi. So, why is it important to find the halal one? Even though sushi are mostly made from sea foods, light vegetables and eggs, some of them still contain alcohol. Even in Malaysia, few types of sushi at Sushi King's contain small portion of alcohol. You can ask the Sushi King's staffs about it. They usually put up some notes at the entrance, te about these kind of things ahead. 

It was sunday. The weather was really nice and wasn't that cold even it's still winter. But, derrkhh... There's major engineering rail track works on sunday and the buses are not that frequent too. I hate these facts about sundays in UK, but I still had to bear it to fulfil my sushi desires. We took about nearly 2 hours to reach the sushi restaurant. I didn't even have my breakfast to make sure I had prepared my tummy empty to be filled with those yummy sushi. :) Due to long hours of journey, we (my housemates and I) couldn't really hold our hungers. My tummy started to produce weird sounds - singing unrecognized song unhappily. Once we reached Liverpool Street Station, it was cold and windy. But it wasn't a right time to give up. Just few steps ahead, and we're there!

ginger pickles, wasabi and ketchup
 They were having discounted hours price! According to the owner, the price for the menu depends on the colour of the plate. The range of prices were from £1.95 to £3.95 per plate. But, they had this buffet price, where each individuals can eat up until any 7 plates with the price of £10 each! *-* There were no other customers there and loads and loads of sushi before our eyes! Kikikiii.. 

the three of us
cute little froggy!

look! we've able to finish all the 21 plates!
I ate lots of sushi and tempura's. But I wasn't sure the name of the sushi and didn't take any pictures of them too. Hey, come on! Who's going to care about the pictures and stuffs anymore when you're that hungry and need to fill up your stomach? As a result of being too full, we couldn't walk fast. T.T I thought my tummy was about to burst, really! Apart from that, I was totally satisfied and definitely would come again some day! 

FJ : I know the fact that not everyone can stand the raw fish of sushi. I'm glad that I can! :)
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