Friday, 15 June 2012

How to : Topping your cake

Hello bakers!

Topping or frosting is the other element that makes your cake stands out. The frosting is delicious? That the other added value to your cake. So, do you have your cake ready? :P

Place the bottom layer on a cake stand. You could've placed your cake upside down so you'll have a smooth surface to work with. 

Put the appropriate amount (some people recommend a third) of your frosting in the middle of your bottom layer. Start spreading the frosting all over the surface using a spatula. 

Now, add the second layer of your cake. Place the remaining frosting on the cake. Repeat the same steps. I chose to frost the top of the cake first, then moving to the sides. Be careful with the crumbs! 

You're done! Add some decorations to your cake. Something simple would make a big difference! 

FJ : If your frosting turns out to be too light, chill them in the freezer for a few minutes. For more recipes, click here
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  • simple yet it looks appetizing!

  • thanks Christine! :)

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