Saturday, 13 November 2010

Is it true that loneliness could kill your emotion?

maybe cici need her partner too?
There are time when we need someone to comfort us, to tell us that everything is going to be ok, to lend the ears for listening, to share the happy moments and to 'not only accept, but also give'. I feel sad for not having that someone. I got jealous for nothing when seeing others have another person for them, and they're telling the world that they're happily together. I dun even have the right to feel that way, am I? *smile sadly to myself* But living in this world of mine isn't that bad at all. When there are time I feel like talking about my feelings, I usually rather put it in words than saying it. ( I blogged or wrote) Or, I'll talk to cici. I know she won't talk or even listen to me. But I'm so grateful for the fact that she's there. If she ever could talk, I think she'll tell me how boring the stories she used to listen from me. 

Dear cici, there's nothing I could say to you. Just a very sincere thank you from me.. 

FJ : Part of me says I'm doing great by myself, and the other part says how sad am I to be alone..
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  • lobos says:

    mane cik taw cici tu perempuan @ betina??? :P

  • 1) sy taw la.. sbb sy tuan dia.. xkan sy nk buktikan kt awk plak.. nnti cici malu.. sian dia..
    2) dia kan pink.. yg jantan kaler coklat.. :P

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