Monday, 4 February 2013

Track your samsung device

Assalamualaikum and good day,

We have learned and heard of so much device robbery cases. We might also be one of the victims. As a smart device user, I tell u what. You must be much smarter than your device *wink*. I believe, most of the companies that produce smart device has very own way to track their products. As a Samsung user, I have just found out about this - SamsungDive and I'd like to share the benefits with others. May this information be useful to us in the future.

SamsungDive helps you to track your device remotely - with the condition you have already registered your device with Samsung. All you need to do is login to SamsungDive and you can start locating your devices.

Check out the 'remote' menu. Either you want to lock your mobile, ring it or even forward messages from the old mobile to the new one, it's all can be done. But, some devices may not be able to use the mobile version of SamsungDive. May this helps as a precaution step. Do not let yourself cry over the spilled milk.

FJ : track and control your mobile remotely, take actions smartly.
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  • Wicked..... 0___0
    *time to change to samsung* LOL

  • Kahkah.. they said.. apple has this thingy too.. and much smarter. Time to change to apple..

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