Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Day I Turn 25


happy birthday, happy birthday! (source)
12.02.2012. It's my 25th birthday. Yes, I am 25 years old. *sigh* I remember 2 years ago, when someone asked me about my 'marriage-age'. Back then, I told him that I wanna get married at the age of 25 or 26. So today, here come the day I turn 25, and I'm still single, in the sense of s.i.n.g.l.e. I should've buried the thought of getting married at 26 too, I guess. Well, to be honest that was not that bad compared to the fact that I am jobless at the same time.

There's a looong pause I tell you, before I proceed with this second para. I mused, thinking of which of two are the saddest one? haha. Silly. Back to reality, I've put myself in deep thought this evening. Most people (friends I should say) at my age, are achieving something good in their life now; or at least, are working on their way for it. Hey, I am not emotional, don't get me wrong! Being realistic is not a harm, isn't it? Looking to my self, I told me, "Your time has not arrived yet. It's not that Allah doesn't love you - that He holds on the beauty of good fortunes for you, but He'd like you to be thankful for what you have now, that others haven't got the chance to grab." I'm trying to be positive you see. 

Then I smiled. A smile of relief and proud. 
It is today, the day I turn 25 - half journey towards 50, a friend says. Thanks so much every one for such amazing wishes. You guys have been so thoughtful and awesome. I would need nothing more than your prayer for me to build myself, becoming a better person - in such ways, I'm seeking for His blessing, He The Almighty Allah. Again, thanks for the remembrance. 
FJ, 12.02.2012

FJ : Age is just a number. True. But, it also shows how you, as a person at such age should act. I mean, people at 30 wouldn't act like a 13 year-old teenager, huh?
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