Monday, 20 February 2012

Big Bang in Running Man!

Hello runners and VIPs! 

source : KJK Global (kim jong kook) facebook
Big Bang will appear to be special guest in Running Man Episode 84! *fireworks* I thought it was a rumour at first, but then after checking out allkpop, it turned out to be true! So, do wait for the episode to be aired - and man, I have to wait for the subs too #sadface. I'm pretty sure, both runners and VIPs are excited to watch Big Bang (all members) in action~ :) Surely it will be fun to watch. 

source : Running Man facebook.
The episode is said to air on the 4th March. Yup.. patience.. patience~

FJ : Love both RM and B-I-G Bang!
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  • fav group in fav show!! woot woot tak saba nak tengok dumb and dumber reunited! :P

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