Wednesday, 22 September 2010


It took me almost half day to upload all this photos here. Haiiihh.. Internet, puuhhleaseee lah~ All of these were taken a week ago - while celebrating raya with family in Malaysia, and now I'm here in UK without them *sob sob*. Oh ya, we have this purple theme for this year. I don't know what am I supposed to type here - due to a very long waiting period, just enjoy the photos!

at Tok's house in the raya morning, after raya prayer

the pack.. we have almost 6-7 timer based snaps, but I love this one the most

 mak, adik, Tok and cousins

my sisters and I 

and mom wanna join us posing too

After Jumaat prayer. we headed back to our house. Spent some time at Tokwan's - our grandpa on the father's side. Happen to meet another relatives there as well. 

poor this baby.. he's born with condition : no intestine 

u know, this is how kids usually been 'force' to do before they got their duit raya 

i was kind of not ready for this one.. but she was so eager to snap! 

All these photos are exclusively at wanfathiah.blogspot. I haven't uploaded the pictures anywhere before, and not even think to do so. This could be the last raya in my life as a student. 
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