Saturday, 25 September 2010

Pasar Malam in London!

I didn't plan this at all. It was a sudden decision from the 4 of us. I've came across with the flyer some time when I was still in Malaysia, but couldn't really remember the exact date. It was Iskandar really that reminded me about the event - thru facebook. So I asked my housemates if they want to go. They do indeed! *seronok

It was 6 pm when we left our house. Quite cold and a bit windy - was raining an hour before. We took about an hour to reach the destination, Trafalgar Square. People were everywhere! Well, can't blame them really - it was 7 pm, cold and everyone was craving for foods. Hoho~ The smell of the famous satay made us even more hungry. So we headed to the food stalls without bothering if there's any craft stall, etc. 

got some foods from Satay House

After a very long time waiting in the queue, we managed to get to the front line. Unfortunately, the foods were already finished. The next batch was on the way - took about 30 minutes. So, we waited again. The abang at the stall said "there was no one here from 3 pm to 4 pm.." Off course lah.. It was pasar malam isn't it? So people surely do come at night.. Haiihhh... We managed to get the foods, at last! Bought curry laksa and rendang with beriani. Superb! Worth the time waiting.

we got free hibiscus hair clip from the flower girl~

There were performances during the event too. Some dancing and singing i think. I wasn't really look at the stage, just heard some voices and music coming from the centre of the square. We filled our stomachs with good foods, then it time to head back home. The night was cold and windy. Coldness + kenyang-ness = sleepy. Alhamdulillah, all of us arrived safely at home.  

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