Thursday, 26 August 2010

Teaching Profession.. It's tough you know!

I wonder why I always get the idea about something (especially posting things up in my blog) while preparing my parents outfits to work i.e ironing their clothes. Was it the surrounding or the emptiness while doing the job? I myself, do not have the exact answer. Okay, let's speak out about the topic for today! 

I may say, it was the baju kurung that gave me the thought about this: teaching is surely tough. You and most other people also know, being a teacher, I mean a truly teacher is not an easy work to be done. Well, you go to school, teach some stuffs based on the syllabus, get more days off than others, done your work by half day and do some extra co-curriculum work, then you're done. WRONG. Ok, another say, role of a teacher is not all about teaching, it's an educational work, where you educate your students in every aspects, for example attitude, discipline, etc. I say : YES, but there are more. 

Spending about 3 months in British educational area changes a lil bit (at least) my perception of being a teacher. Over there, I met groups of students with different attitudes and abilities. One thing I remembered the most, was these girls. They like to talk about make up during the lessons. They didn't even bother if the teacher or me myself, was around - kept talking about the new foundation they have tried or new lipstick they got from their sister. "This is rare." So I thought back then. I haven't met such students before - not in my teaching career, which I had back in Malaysia (even though it was just temporary) or while I'm still a student ( I mean, never did or met such situation). 
Conclusion made: students care about their looks way more than their studies. 
Back in school or while in matriculation (college), we girls (I'm included sometimes) always stalked our teacher/lecturer - esp the ladies. Boys (at least those who were in my class) also did this. So, what did we stalk about? Their looks! We really do! What colour did the teacher wear, what type of outfit it was, did it match with her tudung, and so on.. Some girls even can notice if the teacher wore new baju or got a brand new pair of shoes! Sad, isn't it? But still, up until today, I can't really figure out about the new things around people (--)" So this is what happen in Malaysia education cultural. 
Conclusion made: students care about their educators looks way more than their studies.
Have you notice yet? Students (esp girls) don't have all the focus on the lessons anyway. This is not the real fact - yet can be one. Then, what's the point? 
  1. Know your surroundings before you start teaching.
  2. Be presentable. Your students will always 'keep an eye' on you! In my personal view, a presentable educator lights up the students' mood.

Foot note : I wonder if I'll become just like my mother, wondering which baju should I wear tomorrow..

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