Tuesday, 24 August 2010

The Cute Blue Birdy

Ok, Twitter is growing so fast, really. It's really convenient for those who doesn't like blogging but in the same time, would like to tell the what's happening around his life. *Does it really so?* As for me, twitter could be a super mini blog with mega impact! Just refer to ariel and luna maya case :P

It's not about the famous application I'd like to talk about here - because I'm pretty sure, this topic kind of out-dated. It's the buttons/icons which amazed me! Haha. I was browsing others blog for ideas on updating my new blog look - sorry guys, it's about the template all over again. And here it comes the cute lil blue birdy.. 

Kawaaiiii :P For those who'd like to download the icons, please visit this site here. You may also find few more outstanding high quality icons! 

I'll try to put on these icons here some day!

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