Thursday, 29 May 2008

Summer BBQ & Family Day 2008

Kitorg ade buat baju taw utk event ni.. :P

SALAM and GREETINGS to all. 24th May 2008, Malaysian Students Society of Surrey has organized a great event. Perancangan awalnye, the event should be held indoor, (due to unwelcoming weather). After another discussion, we decided to proceed with plan A; stick to the main venue - Padang depan Natwest bank. Mase aku smpi sane, those who were there dah siap setting up the 'dapur'. Da idopkn api pon. Once Mawi, the main chef bring all the foods, aku pon hulurkan la bantuan bakar-membakar. Actually, the event was started at 12 noon with senam aerobic and poco-poco dance. Mase tu, blom ramai org pon lg. Bese la, name jek duk kat UK, kalo org melayu tu, melayu jugak laa.. huhu.

this slide show was created by Ramzi (am)

The game crews were doing great job that day. They organized lots of games, not to mention also for the kids. After all, it was a family day, aite? Sambil makan, sambil ambek gmbr, smbil main games. Aku join most of the games. Even menang 1 game je (3-legged race), tp enjoy abes~~ Games utk org dewasa, ade 3-legged race, berdua lebih baik, blindfolded war, teka kacang (hidden game) and the well-known tug-of-war (men only). For kids, we had candy in the flour and water in the bottle. Seme games ni, ade hadiah. Ade lg games yg dicipta sendiri, mcm main layang2 and volleyball open. Game yg paling dpt perhatian ramai ialah tarik tali (tug-of-war). Ade 4 groups yg bertanding, seme name x bleh blah. They were, helang jantan, gagak hitam, kerbau gagal and otai kampung dusun. The winner went to helang jantan. Sengit dowh, match dorg.

Hurrmm,, have I missed sumthing? I see, the foods! Kalo nk taw cane meriahnye makanan yg kitorg ade, sile rujuk gmbr :P Ade daging marinate, ayam marinate, sosej, udang and sotong utk dibakar; nasik goreng, mee kari, sandwiches, fish cakes, air sirap, donut, mihun goreng, desert, ++ etc. Semenye abes! According to the random count, the total number of the people joined the function was 80+. We're a big family in Surrey. Just take a look at the picture~ Kitorg ade gak jemput VIP dr Malaysian Students Department. Yg hadir pada hari tu ialah Ustaz Erfino sekeluarga and En. Zaki sekeluarga. Dorg ni, mmg rockss~ VIP join games tuuu..

Alhamdulillah.. Usaha kami seme sbg komitti berbayar dgn kepuasan hadirin pd hari tersebut. We ended the event with gotong-royong. Ye lah, 1 padang tu bersepah. Lepas tu, sempat lagi lawan volleyball. Aku smpi rumah dkt pkol 9. Mase tu, baru lepas maghrib. Even penat, tp hati ni puas. Itu yg penting, kan? So far, I haven't get any videos from those peeps. Had asked them about it, but no one pass it to me :(. Da dpt nnti, gue upload ya~
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