Saturday, 3 May 2008

High Heels in Women Lives

Salam and selamat to all.. the 101th post.. ngee~ Thank Allah for still giving me this chance, of living on His earth, breathing the free air and thinking about His creations.

kitten heel

spool heel

stiletto heel

I read something interesting in my inbox today; about high heels. Lots of women love to wear heel shoes, for their own reason; maybe to look more sexier, to attract men attention, or even gaining the confident. Wiki divides high heels into 3 types; stiletto, spool and kitten heels. I'm not very familiar with those high heels, but I knew what stiletto looks like (at least before I'm collecting those pictures :P) .

feel free to click on the picture for greater view

But, there's something about high heels that women out there should know. It's 'killing' you (to be exact, your legs!) Looking at the diagram, I've never imagine high heels give such effects to women leg. Wearing high heels can cause bony growth on the joint of big toe, ankle injuries, effecting the body posture, knee problems, tightened the tendon and also result the thickening nerves.
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