Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Pagi Yang Gelap??

SALAM to all.. Ari ni, hujan sepanjang hari,, kalo dlm lagu h.u.j.a.n tu, dia kate "pagi yang gelap kini sudah terang.." tp, ari ni, gelap x terang2 sampai ke malam. Esok, aku start keje. X taw mane nk tuju, sbb x dpt emel confirmation tmpt aku kne 'kerjakan'. Serang jek la mane2 tmpt yg patut. Actually, nk cite pasal semalam, great event ever spnjg tahun ni. Unfortunately, aku xde byk gmbr. The story lines won't be fun without the moments captured. X gitu? So, I'll come with the entry after collecting those photos. If, I can afford for the videos, you guys won't regret for spending your time to watch it~! Dah nk pkol 11. Tdo awl! Esok first day keje. ZzZzZz...
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