Tuesday, 10 May 2011

I long for my home..


How's life treating you guys? Err.. or shud I ask how you guys are treating life nowadays? ^_^ I am currently counting down days to return home. Yes, by home, I mean, Malaysia, family, and.. *oppss.. no and* My house mates and I have been talking about being in the flight home since like a month ago. We longed the hot weather in Malaysia, the deliciousness of the foods, the beach, the hangout days, etc. Yes, we've been counting down days, unfortunately we have no clear final date. I mean, we're not even sure the exact date for us to return. Pity, huh? 

That is one thing. The other thing, about the work place. I've been away from my family for about 5 years, and hoping to get closer work place to my parent. But, do you know what did they say? "Ala, sementara belum kawin ni lah bleh keje jauh2.. Nanti dah kawin, bleh la dekat.." What?? Do they NOT understand our feelings? We've been away from family since nearly 4 or 5 years, and they want us AGAIN to be apart from the family? Ingat nanti bila dah kawin, memang confirm dpt husband yg tggl dekat dgn family kita, ke? I'm not sure what's in their mind. Do they not think straight? *sigh* Even the lecturers understood the feelings of being away from home, but they didn't. They're foreigners yet they're so understanding.  

I talked to my mum the day before yesterday, and we've talked about some discussion that I don't want to be involved with at this moment; marriage. :| Seems like she has been bothering herself with this topic now, and started to ask me about it. Yup, she's a typical mother, just like other mothers. She must have wanted her daughter to have a life partner when the daughter turned to 24 or so, isn't it? 'Mak, i cudn't promise anything, but I'll try,ok?' She wants her daughter to be happy, just like she was, at the same age. Or maybe she's just being too sensitive over the overload wedding invitation? Haha.. *gelakkan mak sendiri, takbek btol* O.o

Oh, I read this entry from my fellow friend, about 'do girl like younger boy?'. Hah~! Well, honestly speaking, there are women who prefer younger men. They might find themselves sick/tired of older men that they couldn't control, then choosing younger men might make them feel they have the power over men. Yes, I was, at some point, sick of men. But that is not a reason for me to choose younger men. A total NO for me. I mean, capital N, capital O! Why? I had been in relationship with same-age boy and we did quarrel a lot over some childish or small things. Well, there's saying about, men 'grow up' a bit later than women. Then, what will happen if I choose a younger boy to be with? Chaos? Haha. Let's not talk further. This is just a crazy part of me as a result of the work loads. Heh! 

FJ : Yeah, yeah. de-efjay should've come out with more interesting entry. I do, admit that fact~ (o_~)

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  • trust me, i've been there. dated a younger boy (you know who haha). yes, it was tiring, with long quarrels and mid night cry. ugh sick of that. guess it's time to find an older man, a more mature man. hehehehe. but cudn't find any. lelong farahiyah!! hahahaha..

    p/s: welcome to our homeland! we've been waiting for u! bear hug! \(^_^)/

  • haha.. sure u knew that experience well :P
    pls, dunot lelong urself, ok? we're in the same boat, but we need to be cool :D

    thanks for the warm welcome! heeee.. *hug back* xoxo

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