Sunday, 1 May 2011

Coach Leatherware now in UK!


Hello everyone! How's your long weekend? I'm pretty sure most people in UK and Malaysia appreciate the extra day off for this week, huh? :) Yada yada. 

Women all over the world go crazy with branded handbags. That's a fact or can actually be a tip for men to tackle women? haha Designer brand such as Gucci, Lv, Guess, etc are among brand stores that can be easily found in UK. About a month ago, Coach has opened it's very first store in UK! It is situated on the ground floor of Westfield London in White City.

I like the store environment and decoration. Yeah, been there once and obviously won't buy anything. Well, Coach is SO NOT within my budget~ @.@ So ladies, what are you waiting for? Get your dreamt handbags now! :P

FJ : Mmg x mampu la nk beli pape kt Coach. Coin purse je pon dah £30! =.=

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