Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Day Out : Windsor.. for like the 100th time


Dear readers, (by this, I really really mean to those who always read and wait for the update - bukan nk perasan oke?)

I am in the middle of trying to sort things out. My final assignment which due in 2 days and my school evidence which also due in 2 days. I really really need to work my ass off for these before I can say, "Yahoo! I'm free!" -.- After managed to finish the essay part of my assignment, I went for fresh air. The destination was Windsor. Why Windsor even I've been there like sooo many times? Because it's a unique place in my eyes, and I'd like to go for sight-seeing, not shopping or what-so-ever-things-that-spend-much-money. Plus, it's not far from my house. Took about half an hour by train :) 

The Round Tower of Windsor Castle at the background
So here some of the pictures. I love the first one! Heeee.. It was a sunny day. But, please do not get tricked by the sunshine! It cold still!!!! I lost my count, for how many visits did I pay to this place. However, I NEVER have been IN the castle. Well, visitors can pay for about £14 to get into the castle, looking around and maybe take some pictures. 

Oki doki. I have to stop now. Work loads are waiting. I'll write again in the nearest-distance future for sure! :D

FJ : Hey you! Do you miss me? *ke ke ke* Hey.. over there! Please forgive me.. If I'm coming on too strong :P

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  • Edy Zaidi says:

    macam menarik je..nak g jugak la nnt..huhu

  • hee.. pegi laa.. cantek tmptnye :)

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