Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Crowded Air

Salam and good day to ev'one. It's a busy week for me. Kiss X tahu nk mule cerita dr mane. Baru je lepas usha maths page, checking for new updates from lecturers. I've been expecting another assignment since last week, and it's appeared at Dr. Derks page today. Skrg, rs cam da luntur sket semangat nk buat assignment tu. Been busy with netball training and can't handle this 'saket2 badan'Crying.. However, kne start jugak dgn assignment tu this week so that I can enjoy the games this weekend. X taw nk expect ape games kali ni, cume berharap the team bleh pegi lagi jauh. At least, there will be some improvements. Amin. Wink Esok, last training b4 the real challenge, this Saturday, 8th November 2008. Tgklah, ape yg mampu dibuat utk esok. Waaaa~ Kenapa bile ngadap laptop je, seme idea yg nk sumbat kat blog ni hilang hah? Kenapa? Kenapa? FootInMouth Lantakla~ Off to start with my assigment..

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