Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Another day out! Bowling tournament

Greetings to ev'one. I can't remember how many times I went to bowling, and this one, was one of those.Grin It was a part of the kerol-lukman birthday celebration (I guess), planned by the Cabell Road members. The doa selamat ceremony was held on 14th November (Friday) , a day before the outing day. On the Saturday morning, they went to Reading, to do some shopping (Christmas shopping maybe). At 6.30pm, we gathered at Spectrum Guildford. Sara and I were late. Sorry again guys. Those who were there earlier, they've been devided into 3 group, A, B, and C. And so, I was in group B and sara in group A.

the game was about to begin

Here the rules : The winner group could request any reasonable thing (food to be exact), from the loser group. The members of the winner group have the right not to do the cleaning stuff in the house while the loser group members have to do the stuffs. The rules were applied to every single people, not to mention they're Cabell Road members or not!


Kinda excited, huh? Team work was the main tag line. Lotta actions could be seen during the tournament. The girlish style, the eagle beak, and the crab dancingFootInMouth. Every group, tried to find out their own identities and trademarks. The first frame was ruled by team B and so for the second frame. Here are the official results:

Winner : Team B Hot
First runner up : Team A
Second runner up: Team C
Personal best record: Ahmad Taufek

the winner group: team B

Sara and I decided not to join the rest, having dinner at Matahari, a Malaysian Restaurant at Guildford. So, we caught a bus 27 at Friary Bus Station. It was quite a long journey as the bus took the long way. Sara and I were looking at the mouth watering Fish & Chips stall when the incident happen. Look at the photos below. Do spot something? One of the bus mirror frames was crack badly, after being hit by a car door. I was so relieved that nobody sit near the window. One thing that crossed my mind during the incident was; snap some photos! After keep thinking about it, found it quiet funny. Yeah~ We were in the middle of an accident, and why on earth that I think about taking the shot? Confused

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