Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Reading at my first time

Salam and good day to ev'one. It was the first time visit to Reading for the 4 of us. Took about 40-45 minutes journey by train from Guildford, I've never thought Reading as it was (and is) before. So, wut the things in my mind about Reading? Just the train station! Been there few times to change train. Ngaaa~StickingOutTongue Actually, we sort of planned to go to Tinseltown (on basyeer request) but for some reason, we chose Reading over Tinseltown. Why Reading? Because we've never been there beforeHeart. 9th Nov, basyeer's birthday. So, Sara and I decided to treat him for lunch as a part of the celebration. Another part? Cabell Road 46's planLipsareSealed. We went to PizzaHut, again, on birthday boy will.
basyeer malu2 wat ucapan Grin

near Reading Railway Station

guess where? haha

After the wishy-thanky stuff, ev'body busy focusing on the meal. Nothing much different with Guildford, other than The Oracle - Reading's shopping mall, which can't be find in Guildford. Or should I say, I sort of hv the intention to shopping in The Oracle some day?Wink We catched the 4.04pm train, return to Guildford. Solat at Kak Nurul's room, then headed to 46, Cabell Road for the next agenda; Datin Hanizah + Basyeer suprise party, brought to us by Cabell Road members.
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