Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Di kala ada masa nk layan tag~

Top 2 things found in my purse as always :
cards | coins

Top 2 things I do when I'm sad :
Crying | senyap

Top 2 songs I could listen again and again :
ampuniku - KRU | suluhkan sinar - Various Malaysian Artists

Top 2 reasons to watch tv :
bored | interesting show

Top 2 places I'd like to go in 10 years time :
Mecca | Australia

Top 2 current obsessions :
Sickfossil watch | money,, money,, money

Top 2 favorite nicknames :
wanfathiah (byk web berdaftar atas nick ni) | t***a LipsareSealed

Top 2 favorite foods :
mee goreng basah | ketam masak merah mak yang masak

Top 2 favorite snacks :
kit kat | baked walkers

Top 2 favorite websites :
wanfathiah.blogspot Grin| tv3.com.my
nak taw sgt! amek

Top 2 goals I'd like to accomplish :
finishing my degree with all I have | berikan 'sesuatu' kpd family

Top 2 favorite to do :
all the 'i' 'n' 'g's with internet | listening to music

Top 2 favorite places :
Paris | Pantai Teluk Lipat

Top 2 things I can't wait to happen :
pegang gulungan degree| 'mission accomplish' -x sabar nk tgk muke2 mereka..Sarcastic

Top 2 places I'd love to shop :
Bando DungunStickingOutTongue | Guildford town

Top 2 persons to be tagged :
kamu yg bace ni | kawan kamu yg kamu pilih

*certain things, xbleh bitaw directly, sbb melibatkn pihak2 tertentu,, huhu

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