Sunday, 12 October 2008

Malaysia losing her identity?

Haha.. come on readers. Dun take it too serious. We're about to talk on sumthing far from politics. Smile The kitchen were a bit crowded with 6 of us, cooking for tomo meal; ayam masak merah. The team were talking bout so many stuff, like there's no more tomorrow. Hah~ We really did. It just two of us, my rumet and I in the room while others 'busy' upstairs. We actually talked bout foods, Malaysian foods. Ever heard of 'rakyat tempatan, selera antarabangsa'? Sure u did.

our ayam masak merah - without the international label Angel


air sirap bandung

nasi goreng USA

roti london

mee jawa

nasi goreng pattaya

mee siam

rojak singapura

.. name it anymore.. Fuuhh! ThumbsUp

rumet : yeah,, it’s sure a lot!

me : just imagine,, there's a foreigner stop by at a stall to hv his meal.. after take a look at the menu, he feels like not eating.. everything is international..

rumet & me : kah3 Grin

me : but somehow,, he spotted the nasi goreng kampung.. there he goes, with a big smile, ordering for his meal..

rumet : yup, thank God.. we still have our nasi goreng kampung..

me : O~ Malaysiana..

I meant no harm to my beloved mother country, yet too far from praying for sumthing bad to her. It's just some stuffs that crossed my mind, how special Malaysia mean to me. Hoping for sumthing gud in the future, not only for me and family, but oso for this great country.

* Some of those from Wink

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