Saturday, 11 October 2008

Raya - Family Version

Greetings dear fellow readers,

It's still Syawal, 12 to be exact, even the raya-spirit isn't really in the air anymore - huge difference being in UK compared to Malaysia. I guess, different country comes with different flag, huh? I missed my family so much for not being with them during raya - even miss them now. My sis told me that she's not really into raya this year, because of me. Frown Wut can I do, sis. I didn't able to fly to you, yet ain't own the wings.

Anyway, these are some of the raya pics I got from my sis. And obviously, without me, celebrating raya with them. For the first time in this blog, introducing;Heart

ayah and mak

amad, angah and achik

the family minus me Crying - nice hall, huh?

Uhuk2.. Feeling bad for not intro them earlier. Pirate (Ampun mak, ayah). Miss you guys.. Lotta.. lotta.. lotta love. Wink

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