Saturday, 25 October 2008

A day out, back from a year~

Salam to all. I just figured out why my font size button didn't really work; riceball smiley emoticons. But, I really loves the smileys! Ade mcm gaya kne tukar browser or tukar skin ke? Betul aku tader mase nk pk psl tu. Soo much t hings to think that makes me sick of thinking~ Complicated? Emotion, aiye. Full-stop. Ok, get back to the main story. LipsareSealed

I can't recall the last time we went out together. Wut say you my dear friends? Hehe.. though you're answering me, I can't hear that. 7 of us, without naemah, went to town or to be specific; pizzahut. The main plan was, celebrating izzah's 21st birthday. So it was. Too bad for her, all 6 of us, sharing just 1 birthday present. So stingy, huh?Pirate Nway, Happy 21st Birthday friend~

sempat jalan2 + posing2

ape yg korg cube buat ni?

After solat, Sara, Sha, Nik and I started our journey to London. We had purchased 4 theatre tickets. First timers going to watch theater, how excited we were! Opps, lupa nk mention. The theater was about The Lion King. Even dapat seat agak belakang, we had our great time! Mane x, rezeki laa, sbb 2 rows in front of us were empty, so we got the 'clear view'. Maklum jelah, seme rendang2. Too bad, x bleh amek gmbr mase theater sdg berlangsung. Ala, standard rules applied. The play was great, with the very good sound and so the costumes, the stage, the actors/actresses, the dancers, the songs, coreography - all of them were well 'blended'!HeartHeart

Lyceum theatre

Alhamdulillah, puas hati. Sara said, she'd like to *hear another play; the phantom of the opera. Aisey, tade duet dah kalo nk gi tgk lagi.Sick Tahun depan bleh la kot. Lepas abes, kitorg berangkat pulang laa,, sampai Waterloo train station pon da pkol 11 mase tu..

* kalo theatre, org British dulu2 panggil hear a play.
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