Thursday, 1 March 2012

Wounded from sauted-chillies

Hello and good day, 

It's been a week since my foot is burned from the hot sauted-chillies. I'm not quite sure myself how did it happen, but the moment those chillies landed on my foot, I cry my eyes out. Since 3 days ago, the burning wound was getting worse, until today. It's all started when I was trying to be a smart doctor, by removing some parts of the dead skin on the burnt area. The exposed wound did not take longer before it started to suppurate. A day after, the wounded area began to sore again, and swollen. There comes the part where, 'I can not walk properly for two days'. On the third day suffering such pain and discomfort, I decided it's time to see a doctor. Yes, after 3 days. T_T Well, I'm not saying that was the first time I went to see a doctor. I saw one right after I got the sautee on my foot. Let's call it the second visit - though it was definitely a different clinic. 

I reckon, it would be better to illustrate what was happening than showing off the actual picture. BELIEVE me.
Am so sorry the labels were all in Bahasa Melayu.

Tell you the truth, he wasn't really a doctor. The doctor on duty apparently was so busy with other bigger case, which left me to be treated by a medical assistant (MA). But hey, he was a nice MA. When the MA first looked at my wound, he could tell straight away that I didn't take care of my injury well. So, I ended up get this free lecture from him on 'how-to-take-care-of-your-wounded-self'. That means; no seafood, no eggs, clean the wound with warm water, don't miss out the ointment, wrap it up if I'm going out to avoid another infection AND finish the antibiotics. Phew~

The MA than cleaned the injured area. It was very painful minutes. All of sudden, he stopped doing what he did and asked me if it was okay for him to remove all the dead skin, so the wound would heal faster. Permission granted. AND, there went another painful minutes. I could feel my body trembles while trying to withstand the pain.

Blame me. I just had fun illustrating for the first time. 
As for today, I'm happy to say the swelling area is getting better - lesser reddish skin spotted. Of course the pain do not just go away in one night. But the fact that I can walk around more comfortably, is such a good news for me. Dear MA, I'll be a good patient~  :)

Medical info:  Do you know that you can describe your pain? When I was in UK, they have this pain scale, which you (as a patient) can describe your pain in the scale of 1 to 10.

FJ : 'how-to-take-care-of-your-wounded-self' sounds like hurting deep inside, huh? >.< Thanks for reading!
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  • hahaha scary, describing the pain you're experiencing. how do they do it? do they just press on the affected area and ask you to rate it? LOL
    anyway, wishing you speedy recovery! get well soon!

  • depends on the type of pain you're suffering.. kalo wound, dorg x press.. kalo jenis skt sendi ke, sprained ke, dorg press sket je.. hehe.. but it helps a lot u know..

    ouh.. and thanks for the wishes! welcome back to blogging world dear friend!

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