Thursday, 29 March 2012

Moving on

Hello and good day,

It looks so heavy your deep breath,
Your face so pale like you've been escaping death,
With the arms both try to undo the wreath.

Why does it seems so complex?
Yet you try to be more relax,
Even the situation gotten perplex,
And most things have been anticlimax,

You pause at times of your way,
So you can see clearly the pathway,
Taking precious step but won't delay,
Cause any mistakes cost another day,
And your cautiousness avoid the stray,
As well as the courage never make you sway,
No more reason for you to look back at yesterday.


You manage to reach thus far,
Healing thee self to remove the scar,
Singing 'fireworks' with your guitar,
Feeling proud like riding jaguar.

You have finally moving on. 

FJ : Too much phase. At times, letting go worth more than hanging on.
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