Tuesday, 10 January 2012

My blog has grown mature with me :3


Can't remember the last time I change this blog's template. For some reasons that I, myself can't identify, I just felt that I shouldn't use the previous template any longer. While browsing for new template, I came across with this site; besttheme.net. Went through one template to another, few of them has caught my interest. Finally, I decided to go with this one.

the original template
As you all can see, the template is slightly different from mine. Well, I have to change few things. Frankly speaking, it was not an easy task for me since I don't have much idea on what the heck HTML is about. pfffftttt.. The hardest part, I may say; creating my own blog's logo. As the template designer do not really design a 'clear' header and he was using a title logo, I had to find my very own logo. You see the big word 'de efjay' in blue up there? I worked my brain off to make it as it is. 
I am so not a Photoshop user. Far from using Photoshop Skincare or Photoshop Weight Management.
Thus, I went with this thing. It's called online logo maker. Easy breezy. The best part is it's free AND I don't have to download the software to my laptop. muahahahaaaa *evil laugh*

The logo was duplicated with few colors. After experimenting the logo with several colors, I've made my choice. The blue one is better, aiye? Looks more outstanding than the others, esp greyish. 

Next thing I have to do; install the social share button as I lose it again. Haiiihhh.. Anyway readers, how this new template looks?

FJ : I have so much readings to do. But I choose to renovating my blog, cuz the readings remind me about my interview. And the interview makes me think about my job. It makes me sad. 
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