Wednesday, 31 December 2008


Oh, god! Thanks for these~ This everything.. The strength, the patience, the health, the will..
I finally have the best mood (I guess), to update some stuffs here. Well, it's better for me to start with what I'm currently doing. Errmm,, typing cud be the right answer.StickingOutTongue Finally got the chance to watch 'Twilight'. I'd never expect it turned to be the way it was. I mean, I didn't expect the movie turned out to be like that! I mean, it was a story about vampires, and how cud it possibly be so sweet??? I bet, I can't be boring even I watched it hundreds of time. I've googled about the sequels, the writter, and the books off course. Haven't been this excitedGrin in my life about buying English Literature books. I'll definitely buy the sequel books after I read the first chapter of 'New Moon' at Stephenie Meyer website.
I've thought about changing my blog template (again, but this time back to xml code), but haven't find the right theme that suit me or this blog yet.Undecided If I cud design the template by myself, it won't take me this long to choose the best one. Or I've been so choosy?
Look at below pic.. I somehow, personally think that blue suit me.. Hehe.. I know, everything here doesn't seems to be connected to each other. I apologize, and I dun really care. It's just I feel better when I can write (or type) sumthing here.

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