Wednesday, 17 December 2008

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Which college do you attend?

|University of Surrey, UK|

What year are you in?


Are you an undergraduate or a graduate student?


Did you begin college immediately after high school or did you take a little while off?

|Immediately after matriculation|

What's your major?


What's your minor?

|I think, it’s Physics|

How many hours are you taking this semester?

|0 hours.. haha.. 30 credit hours|

Favorite class/subject?


Least favorite class/subject?

|Real Analysis Sick

Favorite professor?

|Dr. Derks|

Least favorite professor?

|no specific one|

Do you prefer lecture or lab?

|my own lab, bleh? Grin

Do you prefer Mathematics or English?


History or Science?


Psychology or Sociology?


Spanish or French?


Do you live on campus?


What is/was the name of your dorm?

|There’s no dormitory systems here, yet I live at Hamilton Place|

Which floor do/did you live on?


Do/did you have a roommate?

|I do|

Do/did you get along well with your roommate?


What is/was your roommate's most annoying habit?

|Not really annoying but she’s kinda makes me ‘geram’Crying
whenever she started to explain every single things about Harry Potter while I’m concentrating watching the films. But in a way, I like it.. haha|

Is/was this your first time living away from home?

|Dun really know how to answer this, but it’s been my 9th year living away from my family|

Do/did you go out and socialize or stay in your dorm room?

|I can’t stand staying in my room more than 2 days|

Are you in a fraternity/sorority?


Are you in any clubs?

|I think so|

Do you eat in the cafeteria, food court, dorm room, or other?

|Most of the time, we prefer to cook. Sometimes? Rushes, Starbuck, Lloyds Bar, Season, … etc|

Which restaurants are in your school's food court?

|Rushes, Season, Chancellor’s Bar, Wates Bar, Starbuck Cofee|

Where do people usually hang out on campus?

|Those restaurants and bars, Rubix nightclub|

Where do people usually hang out off campus?

|Odeon (cinema), Harpers (nightclub), Mambo (nightclub), Friary Shopping Center, High Streets|

Are you enjoying college life?


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