Friday, 18 April 2008

Once in a bluemoon.. Take it or leave it?

Someone has offered you a very interesting offer; which you might think it won't come up again in the rest of your life. Would you accept the offer, or refuse it? What type of offer? Oh, silly me for not giving such examples. You know, maybe it is a brand new laptop that you ever dream of? Or, let say an iPod touch? O_O All such things that you think impossible to get it by free of charge. I'm sure, as a well-educated person, you'll think the pros and cons for accepting the offer. As a person, I think, I'll accept it* as gift from Him to me while I'm enjoying my life. I mean, why not?

Then, how about grabbing a chance that might come once in a lifetime? Or doing something that you only can do once in your whole life? Study at overseas, holding such an excellent position in the company, getting married, or having a child while you just have the only one chance to get it! Most people would think it as a luck in life. Again, as a person I am, I wish I could do something that only can be done once in my whole life. Insya-Allah..

(*) Whatever gift I've got from Him, esp bless
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