Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Have you got so many names?

I'll tick 'yes' for this one. :) I'll be more comfortable with those names they call me, depending on who they are to me. Let's get it easy. Don't you feel uneasy when someone you rarely meet call your special name, do you? You won't let your friend call you 'Angah' (your nickname amongst family). Why not? Because you are not their Angah! I used to be 'Ti' long ago. It was before I got a sister. After I got one, and another one and one little brother, then the 'Ti' has been changed to 'Kak Long'. It remains to be Kak Long, not only amongst the family members but also among the neighbourhood and some close friends of my parent. Sometimes, I don't really like it when someone who is not in the family assigned me as Kak Long. Get real!

Okay, okay, back to other nicks that I have in my life. Most of my friend call me Wan. Those whose not in the "most" used to call me Fathiah. They're all my primary school-mates. As I grew up, I kinda feel like making fun of myself when I wasn't really aware that it was me whenever they call me 'Fathiah'! Yeah, it happens many times. Though, I am 100% in conscious state when my mother call me Fathiah. Hah, it is a sign of angry-ness. "Prepare your stuffs! The 'fire' is about to begin." Heheheee

As long as I concerned, all the teachers (during the boarding school) like to call me Fathiah, unless Cikgu Asari. It's quite funny to be called as wannur. Yo~ Please,, i prefer Fathiah than wannur. :D Opps, I've got one more nick. Well, I don't feel like to share it here with you guys. Sorry. Let it be 'the secret of my world'.
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