Saturday, 26 April 2008

Hypocrite.. how would you define it?

It ain't crime to talk wisely, with the intention of not to hurt others feeling. But, in the same time, if you have something bothering you with somebody, talk to him/her, tell him/her about how you feels, just nice. As long as I remember, I learn about the words 'hypocrite' since I was 12 - might not exactly know the true meaning of it, but seems to practice the word when I've got angry. Well, I was a child at that time. People can talk or discuss well about some topics, but not necessarily apply the discussions to their lives. As a human being, it was a part of me, when I have something bothering me, I just shut my mouth up. Neither not to be honest nor trying to let other people like me, it just I don't really know how to say it nice without hurting anyone feelings. I tried a few times, to tell my mom how I felt when she keep comparing me with my fellow friends (it was during primary school), and I ended up, make her angry with me. At the boarding school, I voiced my opinion up to the seniors about their behavior with juniors, and in the end, they told me that I was so rude to them. I found myself hard to tell others about the dissatisfaction that I felt. Was it a disease? Hah, I hope not! Nevertheless, I'll put my effort (and I did!) to overcome this 'problem' and not to be so cakap lepas. Somehow, I learn something from my weakness; hypocrite and trying not to hurt others feeling are two different things. You can be a 'transparent' person but in the same time, show the attitude without neglecting other people feelings. You are not meant to be alone in this world. Somehow, you'll need people (friends, parent, or sibling) to help you out, to complete your lives or even to make you feel better.
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