Monday, 17 August 2009

Tentang gigi

17th August 2009

Everyone doesn’t understand! I bear the pain for more than 3 years. It’s going to be 4 years this coming February. Org lain senang2 bleh ckp “Nape x buat awal2?” “Nape x cabut kat uk?” “Nape x g klinik swasta?” Nape? Nape? @_@ Muak aku ngan soklan2 mcm tu.. Kalo xnk support sudah.. x yah nk soal byk2.. No one would understand, unless they’re in the same boat wif me. Oppsss.. sorry. Xde intro, xde ape, terus hambur lava2 kemarahan. Huhu. Actually, it was all about my 3rd molars a.k.a wisdom teeth (geraham bongsu). The other day, I told farah a very nice story about painful impacted wisdom tooth. She took it ‘really well’ :D

Malay docs refer the impacted cases as ‘tumbuh serong’. How does it happen? The tooth is actually failed to fully appear as expected, as a result of there is not enough room on the gums. Other than that, it could happen because the tooth has emerge from the wrong angle (angular problem). There are several impacted cases. *Please refer wiki for more info* I suffer two of those; horizontal impaction (right-bottom jaw) and soft tissue vertical impaction (left-bottom jaw). Cane aku taw? Hehe, td ms g klinik, dorg suh x-tray. Pas x-tray, dorg tunjuk kat aku. Yg belah kanan tu, mak aii.. smpai 90 degree dia terlingkup.

Yg lagi satu plak.. tumbuh dah vertical, tp x dpt tumbuh penuh. Gusi sempit.. haha. Nk wat cane, xkn nk gali gusi plak kan.. Kate org kat kaunter klinik td, 2nd case ni, senang nk cabut. Kalo dentist ade td, dah bleh cabut dh. Dah tu, nk wat cane. Dentist tu suke jiwa raga dia plak attend meeting-ape-ntah. Bengang gak aku td.

So, terpaksa la re-schedule.. Nak tak nak, kne buat dlm bulan puasa. X kesa la.. Janji bleh dikuwakn.. X sanggup dah.. Time sakit tu, smpi bengkak2 bernanah seme. Nk mkn pon, azab~~ Da xde mood nk cite byk2.
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