Monday, 2 February 2009

It comes again, this time with HEAVY one!

In the past 2 years and over, I've never imagined this situation would happen after my eyes! Heaviest + thickest snow ever in my surrey life (so far). I got up early this morning, thinking that I would miss my bus to university. Silly meStickingOutTongue. After knowing all the public transports were not going to be operated today, I texted Ila, ask her to join me for some snow-walk. Hehe. We took lotta pictures, enjoyed the beautiful scenery, wishing everyone we've met a very 'good morning', trying to make a snow man (which is in the end, I gave up on it - it's too cold).. I bet, most people in Surrey enjoy the snow day. Kids didn't go to school, and parents didn't go to work~~Grin
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