Monday, 16 February 2009

My 22nd year of life

Salam and greetings to everyone. It's been awhile since the last time I talked about myself. Today, I am 22 years and 3 days year old. Paan said "you've been through so many tough things in your life for a person at young ages". I do agree with him and in the same time I believe, Allah wants me to go through all these so I can learn how's life gonna be in the future, and how He makes me strong. Alhamdulillah..
So, for this year, unexpectedly, I had 2 birthday celebrations. Great, isn't it? The first one, was held at Chancellor's Bar, on my birthday itself, 12 feb. "Perrghh,, bukan main, celebrate birthday kat Chancellor's tu..." That was what Pian used to say. The occasion wasn't only meant for me; it was also for Pian (sort of farewell). He was leaving for Malaysia. The second one? Today, at Sir and Madam Restaurant. The restaurant owner was sooo nice! She tied up a balloon at my chair, and she put some birthday banners near our table. Somehow, I feel like I was a kid! Ngehs2. Everyone was about to finish the dishes, and she came up with the mini-pudding birthday gift with a candle for me. Yo! I was so ashamed. Haha.
I got so many expensive stuffs for this birthday. I guess, when you're getting older, the birthday gift value is getting expensive, maybe? It might not applied to everyone, but it did to me! Alhamdulillah.. * A Puma handbag, a Dorothy Perkins jeans, Britney Spears perfume, Fossil watch.. Thanks, thanks, and thanks again. Nway, better stop here. I have a test tomorrow. Pray for me~

* My mom had once told me this : Allah will fulfill (answer) our prayer (doa) in three ways:
He gives what we ask him for at the very moment we pray for that; He replaces it with something better at other time in our lives; or He'll reward us with something that we can't ever imagine at the akhirat.

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