Friday, 12 September 2008

Red-Black Farewell Party

notice the green one?

Salam to all. It was fun breaking fast together with Malaysians. Actually, we have had a farewell party tonight for Laila, Mawi and Anas. Anas will be going back to Malaysia tomorrow. Then, follow by Mawi and Laila at the end of this month. The organizers set for red and black to be the theme of the night. We started the majlis with breaking fast, solat maghrib and then the main dinner. The menu were superb! We had fried rice, curry noodles, "murtabak megi", bbq chicken, puddings, cakes, tea, nescafe, blackcurrant, mellons + etc. After dat, photo shoot. Hehe.

ade rase mcm p rombongan unit beruniform plak

riang-ria lepas berbuka

birthday girl.. the one in red tudung

Laila got a surprize cake tonight! She was really didn't expect that, and shed her tears after kak min and am tease her. Well Laila, I'm sure you'll keep all those memories at the special part in your heart. Someday, when you're already in Malaysia, you'll miss all these~ To Anas, have a safe journey home.. and happy wedding day~ Hehe.
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