Thursday, 4 September 2008

West Midland Safari, Birmingham

The map

24th August 2008, was a right day (I thought so, bcoz of the weather) to be at the safari. It was a bit boring at first place, sitting in the car (quite long time), searching+looking+glancing at those animals, while they enjoying their afternoon. In the first 1 and half hour, the camera clicks only focused at the animals in Animal Reserves. After taking break, 'ngeliat'-ing, we moved to Discovery Trail. There's nothing much that interest me over there. The sea lion show was very disappointing me. Really! Then, we walked up to Leopard Valley. I believed they were very hungry, looking at the way they moved. Next station; Reptile House. While others so engross starring at those reptiles with round eyes, I can't stand waiting and looking at them (the reptiles). Geli dowh~ We decided not to feel the joy of Amusement Area for some reasons.

Lovely pic, aite?

1. They charge extra fees for the park.
2. The weather; it started to rain.
3. We planned to go to Legoland the next day <-- something similar to the park, aite?
4. We're getting hungry.. grrrrr

The exciting part is about to come :D. While others busy looking for souvenirs, Kak Ina and I, were struggling with our new 'challenge'. We tried our luck in '3 tries shoot'. I scored 1 out of 3 for the basketball shoot. Wasn't expect that to happen actually. Just my luck. Got the 'lizard' as the reward. We went to Flames Restaurant at Star City to have our dinner.

Us, minus 2

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