Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Saya rindu family saya

Salam kpd semua. I called my mom 2 days ago. Kami borak2 lotta things. She told me about my sis. Angah menang pertandingan-ape-ntah, something to do with powerpoint and presentation. Alhamdulillah. Good for her. At the first place, she kinda upset getting to know that her team got second place. Ade la isu merajuking. Mom said, she worked hard for the competition. Feeling like it's not fair for all her hard work, she didn't turn up during the prize giving ceremony. All way down, her team mates called, and bitaw wut's actually happen. Kinda ade mistakes somewhere, dorg dpt gak first place. Yeah, after all the hard works, they deserved to be the winner. Sounds like this news didn't really make mom happy. It's not that she didn't happy for her, but Angah SPM tahun ni. She gotta prepare a lot for her battle. Aku rasa, tu yg buat mak risau. Angah slalu suro mak ajar dia addmaths. Felt kinda guilty for not going home this year. If I did, I can help her with her lesson, at least some of those. Aku cite kat mak, psl mimpi aku; psl aku ngan family. Mak ckp lg, "Angah ada tny mak, kak long tu, x reti nak balik ke? Dia x taw ke org rindu kat dia?" Terharu siot. Angah sgt jarang express her feelings. When she does, I think she really meant it. To be honest, aku pon rindu kat angah and the whole family. Seriously I do.
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